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Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume I
Basic and Clinical Biology
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Main description:

Transforming Growth Factor-jl in Cancer Therapy, Volume I: Basicand Clinical Biology The present volume brings together a wealth of information that is fundamental to understanding the roleofTGF-~ in the pathogenesis, prevention, and treatment of cancer. It is not even 25 years sinceTGF-~ was first isolated and characterized as a dimeric pep­ tide from both human and bovine sources (1-3), but the entire fieldofTGF-~ research has grown and expanded so that it is now a central theme in all of cell biology. There is almost no tissue or organ in the mammalian body in whichTGF-~ does not playa central role in embryonic differentiation or in adult function, and furthermore, malfunction of the normal physiologyofTGF-~can have disastrous consequences in almost all ofthese sites. Therefore, the present comprehensive review of so many aspects ofTGF-~ function is a most welcome attempt to bring together a huge body of experimental data that is of the utmost importance in the field of oncology.


In-depth detail of basic concepts of TGF-ß in normal physiology and cancer pathobiology

Conveniently divided into three easy-to-follow parts

Companion volume details cancer treatments and therapies

Back cover:

Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Cancer Therapy, Volumes 1 and 2, provide a compendium of findings about the role of transforming growth factor-ß (TGF-ß) in cancer treatment and therapy. The first volume, Basic and Clinical Biology, is divided into three parts. Part I presents basic concepts of transforming growth factor-ß signaling in normal physiology and cancer pathobiology. Part II investigates transforming growth factor-ß superfamily members in normal and tumor biology. Part III details transforming growth factor-ß in inflammation and fibrosis.

This volume’s companion, Cancer Treatment and Therapy, examines transforming growth factor-ß in several developing and advanced cancers and discusses methods of treatment and therapy. Together, Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Cancer Therapy, Volumes 1 and 2, provide researchers and clinicians with a comprehensive and cutting-edge reference for the findings about the role of transforming growth factor-ß in biology and cancer treatment.


Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Cancer Therapy
Volume 1: Basic and Clinical Biology
Sonia B. Jakowlew, Ph.D., Editor
The Humana Press, Inc., Publisher
In Memorium for Anita B. Roberts, PhD
John M. McPherson*

Sonia B. Jakowlew*

Michael B. Sporn*


Part I. Basic Concepts of TGF-ß Signaling in Normal Physiology and
Cancer Pathobiology

1 Component Hardware for Transforming Growth Factor-ß Signal
Transduction: TGF-ß Ligands, TGF-ß Receptors, and Smads
Sonia B. Jakowlew*

2 TGF-ß Signaling in Homeostasis and Cancer
Joan Seoane*

3 TGF-ß Availability: Latent TGF-ß and Latent TGF-ß Binding Proteins
Vesna Todorovic* and Daniel B. Rifkin

4 Biological Functions of Latent TGF-ß Binding Proteins and
Activation of TGF-ß Marko Hyytiäanen*, Katri Koli, and Jorma Keski-Oja

5 Regulators of Smad2/3 Transcription and Phosphorylation
Azeddine Atfi* and Marie-Francoise Bourgeade

6 Interaction of Smad4 and Embryonic Liver Fodrin (ELF)-ß-spectrin in
Hyperplasia, Neoplasia, and
Tumor Progression
Sang Soo Kim, Charles Shuman, and Lopa Mishra*

7 Regulation of Smad Activity by Phosphorylation
Fang Liu*

8 Nuclear Targeting of TGF-ß-activated Smads in Normal and Tumor Biology
Lan Xu*

9 Ski, Sno and Akt as Negative Regulators of Smad Activity: Balancing
Cell Death and Cell Survival
Erwan Le Scolan and Kunxin Luo*

10 Smurfs in TGF-ß Signaling and Regulation of Bone Homeostasis and
Ying E. Zhang* and Motozo Yamashita

11 Involvement of KM23 Dynein Light Chains in TGF-ß Signaling
Qunyan Jin, Guofeng Gao, and Kathleen M. Mulder*

12 TGF-ß Signaling in Fibroblastic Cells and Oncogenes
Neil A. Bhowmick*

13 Mechanisms of TGF-ß-induced Apoptosis in Cancer Cells
Tae-Aug Kim* and Seong-Jin Kim

14 Mechanisms of Cell CycleRegulation by TGF-ß Disabled in Cancer
Leslie I. Gold* and Jon Lecanda

15 Proteasome in the Control of TGF-ß Signaling During Development and
Arja Band and Marikki Laiho*

16 TGF-ß and Smad Signaling in Transcriptome Reprogramming During
Epithelial to Mesenchymal
Sylvie Thuault, Ulrich Valcourt, Marcin Kowanetz, and Aristidis

17 Functional Interaction between MMPs and TGF-ß in Normal and Tumor
Christina H. Stuelten*, Anita B. Roberts, and William G.

18 Cooperation Between TGF-ß and Wnt Pathway Components in Regulating
Mesenchymal Stem Cell
Irwin M. Liu, Steven H. Schilling, and Xiao-Fan Wang*

19 Interaction of Oncogenic Ras and TGF-ß1 Signaling in Cancer: Lessons
from the Multistage Skin
Carcinogenesis Model
Adam Glick*, Dong-Soon Bae, Xin Liu, and Kinnimulki Vijayachandra

Part II. TGF-ß Superfamily Members in Normal and Tumor Biology

20 Proteomics Analysis of TGFß Superfamily Members
Serhiy Souchelnytskyi*

21 Mullerian Inhibiting Substance: A Potential Nontoxic, Naturally
Occurring Therapeutic Agent for Certain
Human Cancers
David T. MacLaughlin* and Patricia K. Donahoe

22 Activins, Inhibins and Bone Morphogenetic Proteins as Modulators of
Prostate Cancer Progression
Tetsu Hayashida, Vandana Gupta, Sam Thiagalinam, and Shyamala

23 Bone Morphogenic Proteins and Angiogenesis in Developing Tumors
George Berberian, Deepak Malhotra, and John E. Langenfeld*

24 Histone Methyltransferase and Smad Interactions in BMP Signaling
Jennifer E. Leader, M. Pilar Frontelo, and Robert J. Lechleider*

25 Endoglin (CD105): A Strong Candidate for Immunologic Targeting of
Tumor Neovasculature in Human
Ester Fonsatti and Michelle Maio*

26 Activins and Inhibins in Cancer Progression
Gail P. Risbridger* and


ISBN-13: 9781617377358
Publisher: Springer (Humana Press)
Publication date: November, 2010
Pages: 760
Weight: 1421g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Oncology, Pharmacology
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Average Rating 

From the reviews:

"This volume provides a comprehensive review of TGF-beta regulation, signaling, and cellular function in both normal and tumor biology. … will be of use to individuals interested in the role of TGF-beta in the development of cancer and fibrosis. This will likely benefit readers interested in TGF-beta in the pathogenesis of disease … . also be a resource for those interested in the complex intracellular signaling cascades elicited by TGF-beta in normal and altered cells." (James P Luyendyk, Doody’s Review Service, May, 2008)