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Nitric Oxide (NO) and Cancer
Prognosis, Prevention, and Therapy
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Main description:

Nitric Oxide (NO) is a pleitropic, ubiquitous modulator of cellular functions. Aryl nitrite and glyceryl trinitrate, representative intravasadilators, were introduced as therapeutic agents more than a century ago for relief from acute attacks of angina. The vasodilator action is mediated by the release of NO following treatment. NO has important therapeutic applications in several diseases such as inflammatory diseases, erectile dysfunction, inflammation, pain and neural protective activity. However, the role of NO in cancer and its application in therapy has received little attention. This monograph will be the first to focus on studies that investigate the role of NO in tumor cell pathogenesis, growth, angiogenesis, response to cytotoxic therapies and NO translational applications in cancer therapy, alone or in conjunction with other therapies.


the first volume to focus on studies that investigate the role of NO in tumor cell pathogenesis, growth, angiogenesis, response to cytotoxic therapies and NO translational applications in cancer therapy, alone or in conjunction with other therapies

Back cover:

The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine was awarded in 1998 to Doctors Furchgott, Ignarro, and Murad for their discoveries concerning "Nitric oxide (NO) as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system." NO-inducing cell signaling events within the cell producing it and the diffusibility to NO in other cells have led to the discovery of many other physiological functions in many different types of cells including cancer. Noteworthy, nitroglycerin that has been used for the treatment of chest pain and associated cardiovascular diseases is currently being investigated for its therapeutic effect in clinical studies in patients with cancer. Further, several NO donor compounds have shown, in preclinical studies, anti-tumoral chemopreventive and therapeutic activities.

"Nitric Oxide and Cancer: Prognosis, Prevention and Therapy", edited by Benjamin Bonavida, Ph.D., reviews several novel applications of NO in cancer, a new field that has rapidly gained credibility and understanding at the biochemical and molecular levels. The various chapters in this comprehensive volume (25 contributions), written by noted experts in the field, bring up-to-date our current understanding and prospective future clinical applications of NO.


Nitrous Oxide and Cancer
A role for eNOS in oncogenic Ras-driven cancer
Multifaced Role of NItric Oxide in Cancer Biology
Nitric oxide expression in cancer
S-Nitrosylation: How Cancer Cells Say NO to Cell Death
Cytotoxic and protective activity of nitric oxide cancers
Cytotoxic/protective activity of nitric oxide in cancer
Nitric oxide and life or death of human leukemia cells
Inhibition of apoptosis by endogenous nitric oxide in chronic lymphomatic leukemia
Nitric Oxide: a rate-limiting factor for metastases development
Nitric oxide inhibits tumor cell metastasis via dysregulation of the NF-kB-Snail-RKIP loop
Sensitizing effect of nitric oxide to cytotoxic stimuli
Nitric oxide is a promising enhancer for cancer therapy
Role of Nitric Oxide for Modulation of Cancer Therapy Resistance
Breaking Resistance: Role of Nitric Oxide in the Sensitization of Cancer Cells to Chemo-Immunotherapy
Prognostic significance of iNOS and NO in human melanoma
Prognostic significance of iNOS in heptatocellular carcinoma
Prognostic significance pf iNOS in esophageal cancer
Prognostic significance of nitrative DNA damage in infection and inflammatuion-related carcinogenesis
Nitric Oxide-releasing Melocules for Cancer Therapy and Chemoprevention
Nitric Oxide: monotherapy or sensitiser to conventional cancer treatments
Therapeutic applications of nitric oxide for malignant tumor in animal models and human studies
S,R-3-Phenyl-4,5-dihydro-5-isoxazole Acetic Acide--Nitric Oxide GIT 27NO New Dress for Nitric Oxide Mission
Nitric Oxide donors are a new class of anti-cancer therapeutics for the reversal of resistance and inhibition of metastasis
Role of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) in regulation of nitric oxide (NO) production and stabilization of HIF-1a: Potential role of Se-Methylselenocysteine (MSC),an antioxidant multi-targeted small molecule


ISBN-13: 9781461426110
Publisher: Springer (Springer New York)
Publication date: September, 2012
Pages: 260
Weight: 813g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Oncology, Pharmacology
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