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The Renin-Angiotensin System: Current Research Progress in The Pancreas
The RAS in the Pancreas
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A topical, timely and focussed book in the field

A book written by a single author who contributes significantly to the field

A selected compilation of TEN selected chapters that critically appraise the contemporary research advance in the field

A critical review that spans the spectrum from basic science to the bedside in the field

A concise and comprehensive book that is tailor made for specialists and non-specialists as well as for newcomers in the field

Back cover:

The human pancreas has vital roles in the regulation of glucose homeostasis and digestion and its dysfunction leads to pancreatic disease as diabetes and pancreatitis. Recent researches have highlighted the novel roles of a local renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in the pancreas and its clinical relevances; its inapprporiate activation leads to pancreatic endocrine and exocrine disease, notably type 2 diabetes. As such, manipulation of the overactive RAS may improve pancreatic islet cell function, cell mass and insulin sensitivity, as well as enhancing the growth and differentiation of pancreatic stem cells. Blockade of the RAS may be protective against pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. The research outcome of current progress on the RAS in the pancreas should provide an alternative approach to preventing and treating, as well as curing pancreatic disease.

This book discusses the progress of research on the renin-angiotensin system in the pancreas from the science to the bedside, providing a timely review of this expanding area. It consists of ten interrelated chapters covering subjects as:

– Structure, physiology and disease of the pancreas
– Biochemistry and physiology of the pancreatic renin-angiotensin system
– RAS in diabetes, stem cells and pancreatitis

This book is of special value to basic and clinical scientists, clinicians, graduate students, as well as novices in this field.


PART I: THE PANCREAS.- 1. Overview of the Pancreas.- 1.1. Structure of the pancreas.- 1.2. Development of the pancreas.- 1.3. Molecular hierarchy of pancreatic development.- 2. Physiology of the Pancreas.- 2.1. Exocrine-endocrine axis.- 2.2. Pancreatic acinar cells.- 2.3. Pancreatic duct cells.- 2.4. Pancreatic islet cells.- 3. Common Pancreatic Disease.- 3.1. Pancreatitis.- 3.2. Cystic fibrosis.- 3.3. Pancreatic cancer.- 3.4. Diabetes mellitus.- PART II: THE RENIN-ANGIOTENSIN SYSTEM (RAS).- 4. Circulating RAS.- 4.1. Definition of circulating RAS
4.3. Angiotensinogen.- 4.3. Angiotensin-generating enzymes.- 4.4. Angiotensin and (pro)renin receptors.- 5. Local RAS.- 5.1. Definition of the local RAS.- 5.2. Local RAS in carotid body
5.3. Local RAS in liver.- 5.4. Local RAS in intestine.- 6. Pancreatic RAS.- 6.1. Acinar cell RAS.- 6.2. Ductal cell RAS.- 6.3. Stellate cell RAS.- 6.4. Islet cell RAS.- PART III: RESEARCH PROGRESS OF THE RAS IN PANCREAS.- 7. Basic Techniques for Pancreatic Research.- 7.1. Cell models.- 7.2. Animal models.- 7.3. Islet and acinar cell isolation.- 7.4. Islet transplantation.- 7.5. Expression and functional studies.- 8. Current Research of the RAS in Diabetes Mellitus .- 8.1. Basic studies of the RAS in T2DM.- 8.2. Clinical studies of the RAS in T2DM.- 8.3. Current research on the RAS-vitamin D-T2DM axis.- 8.4. Current research on the RAS-GLP1-T2DM axis.- 9. Current Research of the RAS in Pancreatic Stem Cells.- 9.1. Source of pancreatic stem cells.- 9.2. Current research on pancreatic stem cells.- 9.3. Current research of the RAS on stem cells.- 9.4. Current research of the RAS on pancreatic stem cells.- 9.5. Limitations and future directions.- 10. Current Research of the RAS in Pancreatitis and Pancreatic Cancer .- 10.1. Basic studies of the RAS in pancreatitis.- 10.2. Current in vivo research of the RAS on pancreatitis.- 10.3. Current in vitro research of the RAS on pancreatitis.- 10.4. Current research of the RAS on pancreatic cancer.- Subject Index.- Epilogue by Per-Ola Carlsson (Sweden) and Jan Danser (Netherlands).


ISBN-13: 9789400733329
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 224
Weight: 349g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, General Issues, Physiology
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