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CT of the Peritoneum
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Main description:

I have not embarked on the foreword to this scientific monograph by Armando and Gior­ gio ROSSI in the expectation that it will be an easy task, because these two authors are the last remaining members of a family that has left its mark in the field of radiology in our country: therefore, the writer's enthusiasm and detachment could be jeopardized by mem­ ories of his own teachers and elders and the respect he still feels towards them. The line stretches from Armando Rossi Sr., a pioneer in the field of radiology in Italy, a scientist and a versatile teacher, a student of Beclere and Busi, to Lucio Rossi, an eminent teacher,a learned man and a gentleman. An official biographyofArmando Rossi shows that in his last years, his wide didactic interests were directed towards his own family, leading him to devote his attention to those of his grandchildren who were then getting ready to embrace the medical profession.


Superbly illustrated
Written by two of the leading radiologists in Italy
First book to be devoted entirely to computed tomography of the peritoneum
The case documentation encompasses both common and rare pathological conditions, based on 20 years of research
Will assist both radiologists and clinicians in resolving difficult and urgent diagnostic problems encountered during their everyday work

Back cover:

This superbly illustrated book, by two of the leading radiologists in Italy, is the first to be devoted entirely to computed tomography of the peritoneum. The case documentation encompasses both common and rare pathological conditions, and is the product of 20 years of painstaking research. The first part of the book is devoted to normal anatomy, physiology and physiopathology, CT techniques, and CT anatomy. The second part comprises nine chapters that systematically discuss and illustrate primary and secondary pathology of the peritoneum. The topics covered include fluid collections and effusions, acute and chronic inflammatory processes, post-traumatic lesions, hernias, cysts, primary tumors, and metastases. This book will be invaluable in improving knowledge of a topic that cannot be treated in detail in general texts on abdominal CT. Furthermore, it will be of great assistance to both radiologists and clinicians in resolving difficult and urgent diagnostic problems encountered during their everyday work.


FIRST PART: Normal Anatomy; Physiology and Physiopathology of the Peritoneum; CT Study Techniques; CT Anatomy; SECOND PART: Fluid Effusions and Collections; Acute Inflammatory Processes; Chronic Inflammatory Processes; Traumatic Peritoneal and Subperitoneal Lesions; Other Non-neoplastic Pathologies; Herniae; Cysts; Primary Tumors; Diffusion of Malignant Tumors of Intraperitoneal Organs to the Peritoneum, Ligaments, Mesenteries, Omentum and Lymph Nodes; Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9783642625497
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2012
Pages: 409
Weight: 929g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders, Gastroenterology, General, Oncology, Radiology
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Average Rating 

From the reviews:

"This book is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art review of CT in the study of anatomy and pathology of the peritoneum. … The illustrations and diagrams, as well as their reproduction, are of consistently high quality … . the book is readable and well oganised. One of the strengths of the book is the excellent chapters on anatomy. The book will be of interest for anyone interested in the diagnosis and management of mesenteric and peritoneal disease … ." (C. Valls, European Radiology, Vol. 12 (10), 2002)

"This book covers in 400 pages all thinkable aspects of the peritoneum and peritoneal cavity. … The text is exceedingly well written and the book as a whole is well organized and easy to read. There is a large number of images of excellent quality. The approach of this book is helpful to both residents and more experienced radiologists … . This book is both basic and clinical in scope and is highly recommended as an important reference in everyday radiological practice." (Hans Stridbeck, Acta Radiologica, Vol. 43 (3), 2002)

"In the foreword to this book, A. E. Cardinale describes the book as ‘splendid’. Indeed it is splendid, the illustrations and range of clinical material reflect a vast clinical experience of commonplace and rare pathology. There are beautifully produced CT sections which have been extensively researched. The text reflects the quality of the illustrations and the knowledge of the contributors. … CT departments would do themselves a significant favour in acquiring this book as a reference text." (Dr. E. M. Robertson, RAD Magazine, February, 2002)

"Though the book focuses on computed tomography (CT) of the peritoneal cavity, it also covers many aspects of abdominal imaging. … A subject index at the end of the book is extensively detailed and cross-referenced. The text … is beautifully written and carefully edited. Most of the figures are transverse CT images, but numerous CT reconstructions, standard angiograms, and diagrams are also included. All are superbly reproduced and clearly labeled. … I recommend CT of the Peritoneum to anyone interested in abdominal radiology … ." (Philip Goodman, Radiology, August, 2003)