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C-Myc in B-Cell Neoplasia
14th Workshop on Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia
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The papers in this book were presented at the 14th Mechanisms in B-cell Neoplasia meeting that was held in Bethesda, Maryland October 21-23, 1996. In 1995 the organizers decided that the format of the meeting would be changed and that specific topics relevant to B-cell neoplasia would be discussed. This year's topic is on the c-myc oncogene in B-cell neoplasia which has been discussed in virtually every previous meeting. Some of the presentations announced for the first time dramatic advances in our understanding of c-myc and because this subject has become highly complex it was thought that devoting the whole meeting to this theme would be appropriate. The book, therefore, repre­ sents a review of many aspects of the myc problem but by no means is truly comprehensive. In a recent Medline search there were 8,505 references to myc, fully illustrating the magnitude of the interest and depth of this field. The organizers of the meeting have each contributed review chapters that summarize different aspects of the meeting. We thank the National Cancer Institute for sponsoring this workshop and the staff of Cygnus, Inc. , for their outstanding organizational assistance. The organizers are most grateful to Vickie Rogers for assembling the book and dealing with the edi­ torialization of the manuscripts. MICHAEL POlTER FRITZ MELCHERS Table of Contents M. POlTER and K. B. MARCU The c-myc Story: Where We've Been, Where We Seem to be Going. With 2 Figures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I F.


The c-myc Story: Where We’;ve Been, Where We Seem to be Going. With 2 Figures.- B-lymphocyte-lineage Cells from Early Precursors to Ig-secreting Plasma Cells: Targets of Regulation by the myc/mad/max Families of Genes?.- Regulation of the C-myc Gene.- DNA Conformation, Topology and the Regulation of c-myc Expression. With 2 Figures.- Differential Regulation of the c-MYC P1 und P2 Promoters in the Absence of Functional Tumor Suppressors: Implications for Mechanisms of Deregulated MYC Transcription. With 3 Figures.- Positive and Negative Regulation of c-myc Transcription. With 8 Figures.- Structure and Expression of the c-Myc/Pvt 1 Megagene Locus. With 4 Figures.- Murine and Human 3? IgH Regulatory Sequences. With 3 Figures.- Negative Regulation of c-myc.- Receptor-specific Regulation of NF-?B, c-Myc and Fasmediated Apoptosis in Primary B Cells. With 1 Figure.- C-Myc Promotes Survival of WEHI 231 B Lymphoma Cells from Apoptosis. With 7 Figures.- Role of c-Myc and P27 in Anti-IgM Induced B-Lymphoma Apoptosis. With 6 Figures.- C-Myc Protein Interactions.- Mnt: A Novel Max-interacting Protein and myc Antagonist. With 3 Figures.- Regulation of Cell Growth by the Myc-Max-Mad Network: Role of Mad Proteins and YY1. With 3 Figures.- C-Myc Transrepression and Cell Transformation. With 1 Figure.- Association of Myc with the Zinc-Finger Protein Miz-1 Defines a Novel Pathway for Gene Regulation by Myc. With 4 Figures.- C-Myc Protein Interactions: Max, Mad, Mxil.- Regulated Expression and Function of the c-Myc Antagonist, Mad1, During a Molecular Switch from Proliferation to Differentiation. With 4 Figures.- A Biochemical and Biological Analysis of Myc Superfamily Interactions. With 4 Figures.- C. Vinson Design of Dominant Negatives to bHLHZip Proteins that Inhibit DNA Binding. With 5 Figures.- Myc Target Genes in Neoplastic Transformation. With 1 Figure.- Cytokine-induced Inhibition of Myc Activity in Monocytic Cells. With 5 Figures.- C-Myc Dependent Initiation of Genomic Instability During Neoplastic Transformation. With 2 Figures.- C-Myc in Lymphomagenesis.- The Role of c-myc During Normal B Cell Proliferation, and as B Cells Undergo Malignant Transformation.- Lymphomas and Plasmacytomas in Transgenic Mice Involving bcl2, myc and v-abl. With 3 Figures.- Molecular Pathogenesis of myc-initiated B-cell Lymphomas in the Bursa of Fabricius. With 4 Figures.- C-Myc in Multiple Myeloma Plasmacytomagenesis.- Genetic Recombinations Between c-myc and Igh? as Precursors for Recombinations Between c-myc and Igh? in BALB/c Plasmacytomas. With 2 Figures.- Generation of Immunoglobulin/c-myc Recombinations in Murine Peyer’s Patch Follicles. With 4 Figures.- Myc/Max Family of Transcription Factors and Bcl-2 are Involved in Drug-Induced Apoptosis of Myeloma Cells.- Effects of Interferon Alpha on Myeloma Cells: Mechanisms of Differential Responsiveness. With 5 Figures.- Investigation of Aberrant Translational Control of c-myc in Cell Lines Derived From Patients with Multiple Myeloma. With 6 Figures.- Dysregulation of c-myc in Multiple Myeloma.- IgH Translocations in Multiple Myeloma: A Nearly Universal Event That Rarely Involves c-myc. With 2 Figures.


ISBN-13: 9783642645600
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: September, 2011
Pages: 303
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Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders, Immunology, Oncology
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