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Specificity and Function of Clonally Developing T Cells
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A: Development of T Lymphocytes in the Thymus.- Introductory Remarks.- Development of T Lymphocytes Within the Thymus and Within Thymic Nurse Cells. With 3 Figures.- Thymus Development.- Major Histocompatibility-Restricted Cytolytic T-Lymphocyte Precursors from the Thymus of In Vivo Primed Mice: Increased Frequency and Resistance to Anti-Lyt-2 Antibody Inhibition. With 1 Figure.- Thymic Stem Cells: Their Interaction with the Thymic Stroma and Tolerance Induction.- B: Murine T-Cell Receptor Genes.- Organization, Rearrangement, and Diversification of Mouse T-Cell Receptor Genes. With 1 Figure.- Expression of T-Cell Receptor by a Mouse Monoclonal Antigen-Specific Suppressor T-Cell Line.- Somatic Variation of Antigen-Recognition Specificity in H-2b-TNP-Specific Cytotoxic T-Cell Clones.- The Change of Specificity, Karyotype, and Antigen-Receptor Gene Expression is Correlated in Cytotoxic T-Cell Lines.- C: Phenotype and Functional Potential of T-Cell Clones.- Introductory Remarks.- A Study of the Functional Potential of Mouse T-Cell Clones.- Generation, Propagation, and Variation in Cloned, Antigen-Specific, Ia-Restricted Cytolytic T-Cell Lines.- Significance of T4 or T8 Phenotype of Human Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Clones. With 1 Figure.- Natural and Unnatural Killing by Cytolytic T Lymphocytes. With 2 Figures.- Acquisition of Suppressive and Natural Killer-Like Activities Associated with Loss of Alloreactivity in Human “Helper” T-Lymphocyte Clones. With 3 Figures.- Expression and Function of Class II I-Ak Antigens on an Antigen-Specific T-Suppressor Cell Clone. With 2 Figures.- D: Signal Requirements for T-Cell Activation.- Introductory Remarks.- Heterogeneity of the Signal Requirements During the Primary Activation of Resting Lyt-2+ Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte (CTL) Precursors into Clonally Developing CTL. With 2 Figures.- Regulation of Lytic Function by Recombinant IL2 and Antigen. With 4 Figures.- The Target Structure for T11: A Cell Interaction Molecule Involved in T-Cell Activation? With 3 Figures.- Antigen- and Lectin- Sensitized Murine Cytolytic T Lymphocyte- Precursors Require Both Interleukin 2 and Endogenously Produced Immune (?) Interferon for Their Growth and Differentiation. With 3 Figures.- Activation Requirements for Resting T Lymphocytes.- E: Self-Nonself Discrimination in the T-Cell Compartment.- Introductory Remarks.- Functional Clonal Deletion and Suppression as Complementary Mechanisms in T Lymphocyte Tolerance.- Human T Cell Clones, Tolerance, and the Analysis of Autoimmunity. With 1 Figure.- Antiself Suppressive (Veto) Activity of Responder Cells in Mixed Lymphocyte Cultures. With 6 Figures.- Analysis of T Suppressor Cell Mediated Tumor Escape Mechanisms. With 2 Figures.- The T-Cell Receptor Recognizes Nominal and Self Antigen Independently. A Theoretical Alternative to the Modified Self Concept. With 3 Figures.- F: T-Cell-Mediated Autoreactivity.- Introductory Remarks.- T-Cell Reactivity to Polymorphic MHC Determinants. I. MHC-Guided T-Cell Reactivity.- T-Cell Reactivity to Polymorphic MHC Determinants. II. Self-Reactive and Self-Restricted T Cells. With 6 Figures.- T-Cell Reactivity to Polymorphic MHC Determinants. III. Alloreactive and Allorestricted T Cells. With 9 Figures.- Appearance of New Specificities in Lectin-Induced T-Cell Clones Obtained from Limiting Dilution T-Cell Cultures. With 2 Figures.- Syngeneic Cytotoxicity and Veto Activity in Thymic Lymphoid Colonies and Their Expanded Progeny. With 4 Figures.- Functional Analysis of a Self-I-A Reactive T-Cell Clone Which Preferentially Stimulates Activated B Cells.- Indexed in Current Contents.


ISBN-13: 9783642711541
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: November, 2011
Pages: 336
Weight: 580g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Immunology, Microbiology
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