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Mechanisms in B-Cell Neoplasia
Workshop at the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD,USA,March 24–26,1986
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B-cell Tumors in Transgenic Mice Carrying c-mycSequences.- c-Myc-Induced Lymphomagenesis in Transgenic Mice and the Role of the Pvt-1 Locus in Lymphoid Neoplasia..- Lymphohematopoietic and Other Malignant Neoplasms Occurring Spontaneously in Transgenic Mice Carrying and Expressing MTV/myc Fusion Genes.- Induction of B-cell Tumors with Retroviral Constructs Containing Oncogenes.- Tumors of Newborn NFS/N Mice Infected with Murine Retroviruses Containing Avian v-Myc.- Induction of Clonal Monocyte/Macrophage Tumors invivo by a Mouse c-myc Retroviruses: Evidence for Secondary Transforming Events.- Induction of Hematopoietic Tumors Using a Viral Construct Containing c-myc cDNA from Normal Mouse Spleen.- Rapid Induction of Plasmacytomas in Mice by Pristane and a Murine Recombinant Retrovirus Containing an Avian v-myc and a Defective raf Oncogene.- Transformation and Insertional Mutagenesis in Vitro of Primary Hematopoietic Stem Cell Cultures.- Induction of B-cell and Other Tumors in Vitro.- Mammalian Cell Transformation by a Recombinant Murine Retrovirus Containing the Avian Erythroblastosis Virus erbB Gene.- Determinants of Abelson Murine Leukemia Virus Pathogenesis.- An In Vitro Model for Tumor Progression in Murine Lymphoid Cells.- Structural Modification of c-abl in Lymphoma and Leukemia.- Transposable Elements and Cancer.- B-Lymphocyte/Plasma Cell Growth Factors, Receptors.- Alpha-type B Cell Growth Factor and Complement Component C3: Their Possible Structural Relationship.- A Growth-Factor Dependent B-Cell Hybridoma.- A Growth Factor Required by Plasmacytoma Cells In Vitro.- Genes Affecting the Production or Action of B Cell-Active Lymphokines.- Lymphokine Regulation of Murine IgE Production.- Interleukin-4 (B Cell Growth Factor-II/Eosinophil Differentiation Factor) is a Mitogen and Differentiation Factor for Preactivated Murine B Lymphocytes.- Role of the LFA-1 Molecule in B Cell Differentiation.- Studies on Transferrin Receptor Expression in Mouse Plasmacytoma Cells.- Structure and Expression of c-myb Protooncogene mRNA in Murine B-Cells.- Chromosome Translocations, Breaks.- Genomic Activity and Translocation in Lymphocytes.- Possible Role of Immunoglobulin Recombination Sequences in the Genesis of Variant t (2;8) Translocations of Burkitt Lymphoma.- C-Myc Activation in Spontaneous Rat Immunocytomas Containing a 6;7 Chromosomal Translocation.- The Molecular Genetics of Human T Cell Leukemias and Lymphomas.- Molecular Genetics of Human B-cell Neoplasia.- C-myc and Functionally Related Oncogenes Induce Both High Rates of Sister Chromatid Exchange and Abnormal Karyotypes in Rat Fibroblasts.- Chromosomal Radiosensitivity During G2 Phase and Susceptibility to Plasmacytoma Induction in Mice.- Biology of B Cell Tumor Development.- Normal and Neoplastic B Cell Development in the Bursa of Fabricius.- Restrictions That Influence Avian Leukosis Virus-Induced Lymphoid Leukosis.- Benign Monoclonal Gammapathy (BMG).- DNA Rearrangement and Expression of the c-myc Gene in a Human Myeloma.- Inbred Strain Differences Influence the Focal Proliferation of Plasma Cells in Pristane Induced Oil Granuloma.- Molecular Analysis of myc Gene Mutants.- EBV-Virus, Burkitt’s Lymphoma.- Induction of fgr Proto-oncogene mRNA in B Lymphocytes as a Consequence of Epstein- Barr Virus Infection.- Epstein-Barr Virus Induced Differentiation of Early B-Lineage Cells.- Epstein-Barr Virus Gene Expression During Primary B-Lymphocyte Infection, in Transformed and Burkitt Lymphoma-Derived Cell Lines.- Structure and Expression of Translocated c-myc Oncogenes: Specific Differences in Endemic, Sporadic and AIDS-Associated Forms of Burkitt Lymphomas.- EBV-Activation of Human B-Lymphocytes.- Regulation of c-myc Expression.- Myc Expression in vivo During Human Embryogenesis.- Expression of c-myc and c-fos During Phorbol Ester Induced Differentiation of B-type Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Cells.- Regulation of c-myc mRNA and Protein Levels During Activation of Normal Human B Cells.- Differential Expression of N-myc, c-myc and c-src Proto-oncogenes During the Course of Induced Differentiation of Murine Embryonal Carcinoma Cells.- Complex Regulation of c-myc Gene Expression in a Murine B Cell Lymphoma.- Activation of Proto-oncogene Expression by Growth Regulatory Signals.- Biological Effects of High Level c-myc Expression in FR3T3 Fibroblasts.- A Transfected c-myc Oncogene Inhibits Mouse Erythroleukemic Differentiation.- Myc Transcription, Post Transcription.- Altered c-myc RNA Metabolism in Burkitt’s Lymphomas and Mouse Plasmacytomas.- Mutations Which Stabilize myc Transcripts and Enhance myc Transcription in Two Mouse Plasmacytomas.- Studies on c-myc Regulation in Normal and Transformed Cells.- Myc Gene Product.- Characterization and Nuclear Localization of the v- and c-myc Proteins.- Characterisation of Human myc Proteins.- Indexed in Current Contents.


ISBN-13: 9783642715648
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: November, 2011
Pages: 386
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Subcategories: Immunology, Microbiology
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