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DNA Methylation: Development, Genetic Disease and Cancer
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Main description:

It has become apparent that the genomes of many organisms are characterized by unique patterns of DNA methylation which can differ from genome segment to genome segment and cell type to cell type. These patterns can be instrumental in determining cell type and function. Thus, it is not surprising that studies on the role of DNA methylation now occupy center stage in many fields of biology and medicine such as developmental biology, genetic imprinting, genetic disease, tumor biology, gene therapy, cloning of organisms and others. Once again, basic research in molecular biology has provided the essential foundation for investigations of biomedical problems.

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Development.- The Regulation of Chromatin and DNA-Methyltransferase in Blood Cell Development.- Methylation Dynamics in the Early Mammalian Embryo: Implications of Genome Reprogramming Defects for Development.- Epigenetic Regulation in Drosophila.- Genetic Disease.- Epimutations in Human Disease.- Epigenotypes of Latent Herpesvirus Genomes.- Epigenetics of Complex Diseases: From General Theory to Laboratory Experiments.- MSL Proteins and the Regulation of Gene Expression.- Cancer.- DNA Methylation Profiles of Female Steroid Hormone-driven Human Malignancies.- Genome-wide Analysis of DNA Methylation Changes in Human Malignancies.- Decreased Fidelity in Replicating DNA Methylation Patterns in Cancer Cells Leads to Dense Methylation of a CpG Island.- Methylation of Endogenous Human Retroelements in Health and Disease.- Subject Index.


ISBN-13: 9783642068300
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: November, 2010
Pages: 294
Weight: 456g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Genetics
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