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Reconstructive Neurosurgery
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Main description:

International experts present in this volume advances in reconstructive neurosurgery focusing on the fields of neurotrauma and neurodegenerative disorders. The highlights include building an international strategy for risk reduction, documentating an multidisciplinary approach towards restoration of function in paraplegic spinal cord-injured patients, describing a new approach for statistical analysis in traumatic brain injury trials, describing blood flow changes in diffuse brain injury, discussing rehabilitation programs in Germany following acute brain injury, describing research data form Taiwan on neurotrauma, showing the neuropsychiatric effects from deep brain stimuation fro ovement disorders, difining the role played by imanging for deep brain stimulation targeting in mental illness, using radiosurgery in decompresssion in the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia, describing the development of radiosurgery from brain to the spine, listing new transgenic animal models of Parkinson's disease, discussing gene therapy for neuropathic pain and Parkinson's disease, and finally, discussing constrained-induced movement therapy fro stroke patients, and endovascular therapy for cerebrovenous disorders.


A. Functional Neurosurgery M. Sedrak, A. Gorgulho, A. De Salles, A. Frew, E. Behnke, W. Ishida, T. Klochkov, D. Malkasian: The role of modern imaging modalities on deep brain stimulation targeting for mental illness H. M. Mehdorn, S. Goebel, D. Falk, J. Volkmann, B. Leplow, M. O. Pinsker: Deep brain atimulation for movement disorders and its neuropsychological implications C. A. Pagni, A. Albanese, A. Bentivoglio, G. Broggi, S. Canavero, B. Cioni, M. De Rose, C. De Simone, A. Franzini, A. Lavano, A. Landi, M. Meglio, M. Modugno, L. Romanelli, L. M. Romito, C. Sturiale, F. Valzania, S. Zeme, F. Zenga: Results by motor cortex stimulation in treatment of focal dystonia, Parkinson's disease and post-ictal spasticity. The experience of the Italian study group of the Italian neurosurgical society B.-C. Shyu, W.-F. Chen, H.-C. Shih: Electrically and mechanically evoked nociceptive neuronal responses in the rat anterior cingulate cortex C. A. Pagniv, L. Fariselli, S. Zeme: Trigeminal neuralgia. Non-invasive techniques versus microvascular decompression. It is really available any further improvement? J. H. Kang, Y. S. Yoon, D. W. Kang, S. S. Chung, J. W. Chang: Gamma knife radiosurgery for medically refractory idiopathic trigeminal neuralgia M. C. Kim, T.-K. Lee: Stereotactic lesioning for mental illness B. Neurorehabilitation K. R. H. von Wild, G. Brunelli: Restoration of locomotion in posttraumatic paraplegics: the multidisciplinary approach and unexpected plasticity of single neurons. Facts and fantasy K. R. H. von Wild: Posttraumatic rehabilitation and one year outcome following acute traumatic brain injury (TBI): data from the well defined population based German prospective study from 2000-2 K.-C. Lin, C.-Y. Wu, J.-S. Liu: A randomized controlled trial of constraint-induced movement therapy after stroke J.-T. Liu, J.-K. Lee, P.-J. Chang, C.-M. Sun: Increased regional cerebral perfusion in contralateral motor and somatosensory areas after median nerve stimulation therapy J.-T. Liu, W.-Ch. Tan, W.-J. Liao: Effects of electrical cervical spinal cord stimulation on cerebral blood perfusion, cerebrospinal fluid catecholamine levels, and oxidative stress in comatose patients C. New Technology R. E. LaPorte, W.-T. Chiu: Strategic plan: building a international strategy for risk reduction supercourse F. Y. Tsai: Endovascular procedures for cerebrovenous disorders D. Translational Research B. K. Harvey, Y. Wang, B. J. Hoffer: Transgenic rodent models of Parkinson's disease J. Chou, B. K. Harvey, T. Ebendal, B. Hoffer, Y. Wang: Nigrostriatal alterations in bone morphogenetic protein receptor II dominant negative mice J. Kim, Y. S. Yoon, H. Lee, J. W. Chang: AAV-GAD gene for rat models of neuropathic pain and Parkinson's disease I. B. Han, N. K. Kim, R. Huh, D. A. Shin, J. Y. Moon, H. M. Park, S. S. Chung: The role of genetic factors in the development of hemifacial spasm: preliminary results E. Traumatic Brain Injury J. –W. Lin, C.-M. Lin, K.-S. Hung, C.-C. Hung, W.-T. Chiu: Neurotrauma research in Taiwan A. I. R. Maas, H. F. Lingsma: New approaches to increase statistical power in TBI trials: insights from the IMPACT study J. L. Truelle, N. von Steinbuechel, K. von Wild, S. Hoeafer, E. Neugebauer, T. Lischetzke, QOLIBRI group: The QOLIBRI – Towards a quality of life tool after traumatic brain injury. Current developments in Asia J.-W. Lin, C.-M. Lin, L.-M. Lee, K.-S. Hung, S.-J. Huang, S-H. Hsiao, W.-Y. Chung, M.-D. Tsai, C.-C. Hsia, C.-C. Hung, W.-T. Chiu: Evaluation of optimal cerebral perfusion pressure in severe traumatic brain injury V. Massimiliano: Hyper flow and


ISBN-13: 9783211999271
Publisher: Springer (Springer Vienna)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 186
Weight: 485g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Anaesthetics and Pain, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation
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