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Key Clinical Topics in Cardiology
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Main description:

Key Clinical Topics in Cardiology presents a brand new addition to the Key Clinical Topics series. The book provides a comprehensive overview of the subject, comprising over 60 carefully selected topics in alpha order that together provide an extensive understanding of the management of cardiovascular disorders. This collection of highly practical guides systematically addresses management techniques for a large number of clinical settings.

Edited by experienced specialists, with contributions from consultants who have recognised expertise in their field, this book provides an authoritative and up-to-date guide on cardiovascular medicine. Designed to enable rapid access to core information, KCT Cardiology offers effective exam revision and the ideal quick reference for day-to-day practice.

Key points

  • Over 60 topics presented in alpha order, from acute advanced life support to tumours

  • Effective exam revision for postgraduate trainees in cardiology preparing for certification

  • Succinct coverage of cardiac treatment modalities and complications

  • Includes clinical photos and diagrams to improve understanding of concepts

  • Contributions from experienced specialists to ensure authoritative, accurate content


1            Advanced life support

2            Angina

3            Antiarrhythmic medications

4            Anticoagulation therapy

5            Antiplatelet therapy

6            Aortic valve disease

7            Athlete’s heart

8            Atrial fibrillation

9            Cardiac catheterisation and angiography

10         Cardiomyopathy – arrhythmogenic, right ventricular

11         Cardiomyopathy – dilated

12         Cardiomyopathy – hypertrophic

13         Cardiomyopathy – non-compaction

14         Cardiomyopathy – restrictive

15         Channelopathies

16         Connective tissue disorders

17         Coronary artery bypass surgery

18         Diabetes and cardiovascular disease

19         Endocarditis

20         Exercise stress testing

21         Heart failure – chronic, long-term management

22         Heart failure – diastolic

23         Heart failure – left-sided, acute

24         Heart failure – right-sided

25         Holter monitors, event recorders and implantable loop recorders

26         Hypercholesterolaemia

27         Hypertension

28         Idiopathic pulmonary hypertension

29         Imaging - cardiac computed tomography angiography

30         Imaging - cardiac magnetic resonance imaging

31         Imaging - echocardiography

32         Imaging - nuclear cardiology

33         Implantable cardioverter defibrillators

34         Lipid-lowering therapies

35         Metabolic syndrome

36         Mitral valve disease

37         Myocarditis

38         Non-ST elevation - acute coronary syndromes

39         Pacemakers and resynchronisation therapy

40         Percutaneous coronary intervention

41         Pericarditis, constriction and tamponade

42         Perioperative cardiac evaluation

43         Peripheral vascular disease

44         Polypharmacy

45         Pregnancy and cardiology

46         Prevention in cardiology

47         Prosthetic heart valves

48         Pulmonary embolism

49         Rehabilitation

50         Septal defects - atrial

51         Septal defects - ventricular

52         ST segment elevation - myocardial infarction

53         Stroke and transient ischemic attack

54         Syncope

55         Tachycardia - supraventricular

56         Tachycardia - ventricular

57         Tetralogy of Fallot

58         Thoracic aortic aneurysm dissection

59         Transplantation

60         Traumatic heart disease

61         Tumours


ISBN-13: 9781909836549
Publisher: Jaypee Medical (JP Medical)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 280
Weight: 571g
Availability: Not yet available
Subcategories: Cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular Medicine, Diseases and Disorders, General


Sanjay Sharma BSc (Hons) MD FRCP (UK) FESC

Professor of Inherited Cardiac Diseases and Sports Cardiology, Consultant Cardiologist, St George's Hospital, London, UK

Aneil Malhotra MBBChir MA (Hons) MRCP MSc

Cardiology Specialist Registrar, St George's Hospital, London, UK


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