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Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring XII
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Main description:

88 short papers originating from the 12th International Symposium on Intracranial Pressure and Brain Monitoring held in August 2004 in Hong Kong present experimental as well as clinical research data on invasive and non-invasive intracranial pressure and brain biochemistry monitoring. The papers have undergone a peer-reviewing and are organized in nine sections: ICP management in head injury, neurochemical monitoring, intracranial hypertension, neuroimaging, hydrocephalus, clinical trails, experimental studies, brain compliance and biophysics.


Contents Wai S. Poon: Preface A. Marmarou: The Importance of Translational Research in Brain Injury (Keynote Lecture) ICP Management in Head Injury W. S. Poon, S. C. P. Ng, M. T. V. Chan, J. M. K. Lam, W. W. M. Lam: Cerebral Blood Flow (CBF)-directed Management of Ventilated Head-injured Patients C. J. Kirkness, R. L. Burr, K. C. Cain, D. W. Newell, P. H. Mitchell: Relationship of Cerebral Perfusion Pressure Levels to Outcome in Traumatic Brain Injury L. A. Steiner, M. Balestreri, A. J. Johnston, J. P. Coles, D. A. Chatfield, J. D. Pickard, D. K. Menon, M. Czosnyka: Effects of Moderate Hyperventilation on Cerebrovascular Pressure-reactivity after Head Injury I. R. Chambers, P. A. Jones, R. A. Minns, L. Stobbart, A. D. Mendelow, R. C. Tasker, F. Kirkham: Which Paediatric Head Injured Patients might Benefit from Decompression? Thresholds of ICP and CPP in the First Six Hours M. Balestreri, M. Czosnyka, L. A. Steiner, M. Hiler, E. A. Schmidt, B. Matta, D. Menon, P. Hutchinson, J. D. Pickard: Association between Outcome, Cerebral Pressure Reactivity and Slow ICP Waves following Head Injury P. A. Jones, I. R. Chambers, T. Y. M. Lo, P. J. D. Andrews, W. Chaudhry, A. Clark, J. Croft, R. Forsyth, B. Fulton, A. D. Mendelow, G. Wilson, R. A. Minns: Quantification of Secondary CPP Insult Severity in Paediatric Head Injured Patients using a Pressure-time Index P. Nilsson, I. Piper, G. Citerio, I. Chambers, C. Contant, P. Enblad , H. Fiddes, T. Howells, K. Kiening, Y. H. Yau for the BrainIT Group: The BrainIT Group: Concept and Current Status 2004 J. Barnes, I. Chambers, I. Piper, G. Citerio, C. Contant, P. Enblad, H. Fiddes, T. Howells, K. Kiening, P. Nilsson, Y. H. Yau for the BrainIT Group: Accurate Data Collection for Head Injury Monitoring Studies: A Data Validation Methodology P. Smielewski, M. Czosnyka, L. Steiner, M. Belestri, S. Piechnik, J. D. Pickard: ‘ICM+’: Software for On-line Analysis of Bedside Monitoring Data after Severe Head Trauma P. Nilsson, P. Enblad, I. Chambers, G. Citerio, H. Fiddes, T. Howells, K. Kiening, A. Ragauskas, J. Sahuquillo, Y. H. Yau, C. Contant, I. Piper for the BrainIT Group: Survey of Traumatic Brain Injury Management in European Brain-IT Centres Year 2001 U. Meier, A. Gräwe, A. König: The Importance of Major Extracranial Injuries by the Decompressive Craniectomy in Severe Head Injuries G. K. Wong, X. L. Zhu, W. S. Poon: Beneficial Effect of Cerebrolysin on Moderate and Severe Head Injury Patients: Result of a Cohort Study Neurochemical Monitoring M. T. V. Chan, S. C. P. Ng, J. M. K. Lam, W. S. Poon, T. Gin: Re-defining the Ischemic Threshold for Jugular Venous Oxygen Saturation - A Microdialysis Study in Patients with Severe Head Injury A. Chieregato, M. Marchi, C. Compagnone, V. Albarello, E. Fainardi, F. Tagliaferri, L. Targa: Estimated Cerebral Respiratory Quotient and Arteriovenous Differences of CO2 in the Ultra Early Detection of Global Ischemia in Severe Head Injury J. Gasco, J. Sendra, J. Lim, I. Ng: Linear Correlation between Stable Intracranial Pressure Decrease and Regional Cerebral Oxygenation Improvement following Mannitol Administration in Severe Acute Head Injury Patients M. Jaeger, M. Soehle, J. Meixensberger: Brain Tissue Oxygen (PtiO2): A Clinical Comparison of Two Monitoring Devices R. Kett-White, M. T. O’Connell, P. J. A. Hutchinson, P. G. Al-Rawi, A. K. Gupta, J. D. Pickard, P. J. Kirkpatrick: Extracellular Amino Acid


ISBN-13: 9783211998786
Publisher: Springer (Springer Vienna)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 504
Weight: 1204g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Anaesthetics and Pain, Critical Care Medicine, Neurology, Neuroscience, Neurosurgery
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