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Circadian Rhythms and Their Impact on Aging
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Biological rhythms time the ebb and flow of virtually every physiological process, and their mutual coordination guarantees the integrity of the organism over space and time. Aging leads to the disintegration of this coordination, as well as to changes in the amplitude and/or frequency of the underlying rhythms. The results of this are accelerated loss of health during aging, and in experimental model systems curtailed lifespan occurs. This book will examine the machinery that constitutes circadian systems and how they impact physiologic processes. It will also discuss how disturbances of circadian rhythms can lead to complex diseases associated with aging. Much of this treatment will focus on metabolism and genome stability. Importantly, the chapters in this book will encompass work in several different models, in addition to human. The book will conclude with a discussion of modeling approaches to biologic cycles and chronotherapy, for future research and translation.


1- The yeast metabolic cycle, cell cycle, and lifespan Benjamin Tu

2- The Neurospora biological clock and aging Jonathan Arnold

3- The circadian clock and aging of Drosophila Jadwiga Giebultowicz

4- Mammalian models of circadian biology with emphasis on aging Marina Antoch

5- Organization and functional dynamics of circadian clocks in mammalian model systems in relation to aging Joseph Takahashi

6- Age-related changes in circadian and nuclear receptor cross talk David Mangelsdorf

7- Circadian integration of whole animal mammalian metabolism and energetics Joseph Bass

8- Circadian rhythms of metabolism and chromatin remodeling Paolo Sassone-Corsi

9- The circadian clock and mTOR Roman Kondratov

10- Cell senescence, DDR, SASP and genomic instability Judy Campisi

11- Circadian control of DNA repair Aziz Sancar

12- Epidemiology of circadian disruption and human health Richard Stevens

13- Impact of melatonin - reciprocal relationship with aging Russ Reiter

14- Aging and circadian misalignment on inflammation and immune response pathways Regina Markus

15- Impact of the circadian system and its misalignment on metabolic and cardiovascular dynamics Frank Scheer

16- Detoxification and the circadian system Anton Jetten

17- Circadian system and bone metabolism Paula Witt-Enderby

18- Circadian sleep-wake regulation during aging Steven Lockley

19- Modeling the eukaryotic cell cycle John Tyson

20- Circadian system and responses to chronotherapy William HrusheskyI


ISBN-13: 9783319645421
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: October, 2017
Pages: None
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Subcategories: General Issues, Geriatrics


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