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Value of Diagnostic Imaging
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Economics of Diagnostic Imaging addresses the concepts that are needed to answer questions on topics such as how much to pay for diagnostic testing, how many tests are too many from a physician's perspective, do they cause harm, and whether or not patients need an MRI before a laboratory test. The essential focus of the book is to help readers recognize when one diagnostic test is better than the other and when more information does not help. It provides an essential resource for radiologists, diagnostic pathologists, and health policy researchers involved in medical decision modeling, evidence-based medicine, precision medicine, public health, and health economics.


1. Logic of medical decision making 2. An introduction to Bayesian analysis 3. Receiver Operating Characteristic curve 4. Sensitivity and specificity of a diagnostic test 5. Threshold basis of decision making 6. Multiple tests 7. Decision rules 8. Outcomes and quality-adjusted life years 9. Overview of health economics 10. Derived demand and bundled payment 11. Clinical trials and imaging 12. Screening 13. Value of information 14. Decision modeling 15. Uncertainty 16. Introduction to behavioral economics 17. Imaging and zero events 18. Overdiagnosis 19. Precision medicine and imaging 20. Machine learning 21. Integrating imaging and pathology 22. Which is the better test? 23. Growth of cardiac CT and cardiac MR 24. Statistics of radiologists 25. Controversies in imaging


ISBN-13: 9780128109922
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: September, 2017
Pages: 150
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Medical Diagnosis, Physiology, Radiology


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