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Top 3 Differentials in Pediatric Radiology
A Case Series
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Main description:

The highest-yield, most complete pediatric radiology exam preparation and learning tool available today

Top 3 Differentials in Pediatric Radiology by renowned pediatric radiologist Rebecca Stein-Wexler and colleagues is part of a series of radiology case books that mirror the highly acclaimed O'Brien classic, Top 3 Differentials in Radiology. Each case is formatted as a two-page unit. The left page features clinical images, succinctly captioned findings, and pertinent clinical history. The right page includes the key imaging gamut, differential diagnoses rank-ordered by the "Top 3," additional diagnostic considerations, and clinical pearls.

This book includes an exceptionally diverse array of common and important gamuts encountered in pediatric radiology practice. It is organized into six sections: head and neck imaging; chest, cardiac, and airway imaging; gastrointestinal imaging; genitourinary imaging; musculoskeletal imaging; and brain and spine imaging. Each section begins with a series of differential-based cases and concludes with important "Roentgen Classics" - cases with imaging findings characteristic of a single diagnosis.

Key Highlights

More than 500 high-quality images enhance diagnostic skills
Approximately 800 pathological processes/differentials encompassed in 194 high-yield cases
Concise discussion highlights key clinical and imaging manifestations for each important differential diagnosis
An appendix and list of differential diagnoses serve as a curriculum guide for trainees and educators alike

This volume provides an exceptionally robust board review and is equally invaluable for clinical practices focused on pediatric radiology. It is a must-have resource for radiology residents, pediatric radiology fellows, and staff radiologists preparing for the ABR core, certifying, and pediatric CAQ exams. It is also an essential tool for radiologists, pediatricians, and surgeons who order or interpret pediatric imaging tests.

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Part 1. Airway, Cardiac, and Chest Imaging

Part 2. Gastrointestinal Imaging

Part 3. Genitourinary Imaging

Part 4. Musculoskeletal Imaging

Part 5. Head and Neck Imaging

Part 6. Brain and Spine Imaging

Index of Differential Diagnoses

Index of Key Findings


ISBN-13: 9781626233706
Publisher: Thieme (Thieme Medical Publishers Inc)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 416
Weight: 1451g
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Subcategories: Nuclear Medicine, Paediatrics and Neonatal, Radiology


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