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The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity
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Main description:

Multiculturalism is a prevalent worldwide societal phenomenon. Aspects of our modern life, such as migration, economic globalization, multicultural policies, and cross-border travel and communication have made intercultural contacts inevitable. High numbers of multicultural individuals (23-43% of the population by some estimates) can be found in many nations where migration has been strong (e.g., Australia, U.S., Western Europe, Singapore) or where there is a history of colonization
(e.g., Hong Kong). Many multicultural individuals are also ethnic and cultural minorities who are descendants of immigrants, majority individuals with extensive multicultural experiences, or people with culturally mixed families; all people for whom identification and/or involvement with multiple
cultures is the norm.

Despite the prevalence of multicultural identity and experiences, until the publication of this volume, there has not yet been a comprehensive review of scholarly research on the psychological underpinning of multiculturalism. The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity fills this void. It reviews cutting-edge empirical and theoretical work on the psychology of multicultural identities and experiences. As a whole, the volume addresses some important basic issues, such as measurement
of multicultural identity, links between multilingualism and multiculturalism, the social psychology of multiculturalism and globalization, as well as applied issues such as multiculturalism in counseling, education, policy, marketing and organizational science, to mention a few.

This handbook will be useful for students, researchers, and teachers in cultural, social, personality, developmental, acculturation, and ethnic psychology. It can also be used as a source book in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on identity and multiculturalism, and a reference for applied psychologists and researchers in the domains of education, management, and marketing.


ISBN-13: 9780199796694
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP USA)
Publication date: July, 2014
Pages: 560
Weight: 1162g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Psychology, Public Health
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Average Rating 

This excellent book, written by an international collection of experts, addresses an important topic in a comprehensive manner. The book has definitely fulfilled the purpose for which it is written, and the reader will not be disappointed.' Gary B Kaniuk, Doody's Health Sciences Book Review The Oxford Handbook of Multicultural Identity, editors bring together a distinguished and impressive set of 47 authors in 22 chapters to address focal aspects of multicultural identity and experience. Benet-Martínez and Hong's volume brings together primarily social psychological perspectives, with additional contributions from counseling psychology, developmental psychology, communication, education, marketing, organizational behavior, and speech-language communication. Overall, the Handbook is a very useful and much-needed resource. It provides, in one place, access to thorough and thoughtful reviews of key topics in the psychology of multiculturalism, serving as a one-stop location for overviews of notable current perspectives, research programs, and theoretical frameworks. Given its comprehensive coverage and its singular configuration, Benet-Martínez and Hong's contribution fills a unique gap in the field and will most likely be a much-used resource.