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Philosophical issues in psychiatry III
The Nature and Sources of Historical Change
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Main description:

Psychiatry has long struggled with the nature of its diagnoses. The problems raised by questions about the nature of psychiatric illness are particularly fascinating because they sit at the intersection of philosophy, empirical psychiatric/psychological research, measurement theory, historical tradition and policy. In being the only medical specialty that diagnoses and treats mental illness, psychiatry has been subject to major changes in the last 150 years.

This book explores the forces that have shaped these changes and especially how substantial "internal" advances in our knowledge of the nature and causes of psychiatric illness have interacted with a plethora of external forces that have impacted on the psychiatric profession. It includes contributions from philosophers of science with an interest in psychiatry, psychiatrists and psychologists with expertise in the history of their field and historians of psychiatry. Each chapter is
accompanied by an introduction and a commentary.

The result is a dynamic discussion about the nature of psychiatric disorders, and a book that is compelling reading for those in the field of mental health, history of science and medicine, and philosophy.


ISBN-13: 9780198725978
Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP Oxford)
Publication date: October, 2014
Pages: 464
Weight: 580g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: General Issues, Psychiatry, Psychology
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Average Rating 

One of its great strengths is its structure, in which each topic is addressed, immediately followed by a counterpoint article....This is a high-quality overview of several of the historical and philosophical issues that must arise when attempting to understand the nature of a discipline like psychiatry.