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New Concepts of Antiviral Therapy
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Main description:

Antiviral drugs are important tools for treatment or prevention of viral infections. These drugs were first used for monotherapy, but nowadays combinations of antiviral agents are often part of a standard treatment as evidenced by e.g. HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy). However, in almost every case of antiviral therapy, drug resistant viruses appear. In addition, the low oral bioavailability, toxicity and the number of severe side effects still pose significant problems. All of the latter issues limit the clinical usefulness and drive the need for improved antiviral strategies. These strategies include new drugs and targets, novel modes of action, vector-based treatments and even the block of defined genes by inhibiting mRNA formation (siRNA).

Highlights of this book include the discussion of:

- novel, promising compounds

- concepts of therapy for new/emerging viruses

- managing drug resistance

- new therapeutic strategies

This book presents an overview of the most recent developments. Contributions were carefully selected to ensure quality coverage by acknowledged experts over a wide spectrum and should prove to be of great value to students and serve as a compendium for R and D and educational professionals.


First overview of up-to-date antiviral strategies

Review of drug design and development

Presents novel Ideas and concepts to develop alternative antiviral drugs

Written by leading scientist in the field


Contents Part 1. Concepts of therapy for RNA viruses
Therapeutic vaccination in chronic hepadnavirus infection by Michael Rogendorf and Mengji Lu
Characterization of targets for antiviral therapy of Flaviridae infections by Peter Borowski
Inhibition of Hepatitis C virus by nucleic acid-based antiviral approaches by Michael Frese and Ralf Bartenschlager
Inhibitors for respiratory viruses by Ernst Kuechler and Joachim Seipelt
Anti-viral approaches against influenza viruses by Stephan Pleschka, Stephan Ludwig, Thorsten Wolff and Oliver Planz
A new approach to an Influenza virus live vaccine: Modification of the cleavage site of the haemagglutine by reverse genetics by Jürgen Stech, Holger Garn and Hans-Dieter Klenk
New concepts in anti-HIV therapies by Justin Stebbing, Mark Bower and Brian Gazzard
Evaluation of current strategies to inhibit HIV entry, integration and maturation by Jaqueline D. Reeves, Stephen D. Barr and Stephan Pöhlmann
Managing antiretroviral resistance by Barbara Schmidt, Monika Tschoschner, Hauke Walter and Klaus Korn Part 2. Concepts of therapy for DNA viruses
Selective inhibitors of the replication of poxviruses by Johan Neyts and Erik de Clercq
Maribavir: A promising new antiherpes therapeutic Agent by Karen K. Biron
Benzimidazle-D-ribonucleosides as antiviral agents that target HCMV terminase by John C. Drach, Leroy B. Townsend and Elke Bogner
Recent developments in anti-herpesviral therapy based on protein kinase inhibitors by Thomas Herget and Manfred Marschall
Immune therapy against papillomavirus-related tumors in humans by Lutz Gissmann Part 3. Concepts of therapy for emerging viruses
The SARS Corona virus receptor ACE-2 A potential target for antiviral therapy by Jens H. Kuhn, Sheli R. Radoshitzky, Wenhui Li, Swee Kee Wong, Hyeryun Choe and Michael Farzan
Therapy of Ebola and Marburg virus infections by MikeBray Part 4. General concepts of therapy
Proteasome inhibitors as complementary or alternative antiviral therapeutics by Susanna Prösch and Marion Kaspari
Human monoclonal antibodies for prophylaxis and therapy of viral infections by Jan ter Meulen and Jaap Goudsmit
Vector-based antiviral therapy by Armin Ensser Index


ISBN-13: 9781441940490
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 558
Weight: 881g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Biochemistry, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Pharmacology
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