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Main description:

In healthcare, the realisation of an optimistic prognosis against pessimistic ones depends on current innovations in diagnostic and cost-effective treatment approaches being widely adopted in clinical practice. Utilisation of advanced early and predictive diagnostics, targeted prevention and personalised medical approaches could enable the elderly subpopulation to reach the 100-year age limit in good physical and mental health, as actively contributing members of society. This task requires intelligent political regulations and creation of new guidelines to advance current healthcare systems. In this book, we will collect contributions from several geopolitical regions of Europe, Asia and USA that provide expert opinion on healthcare organisation and outlook as well as economical aspects of personalised medicine.


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Just a few years ago, dire predictions of escalating technology costs and adverse demographics informed a downbeat view of the future of medicine in which struggling governments would fall behind in their public commitments to healthcare. This volume is part of today’s more optimistic assessment in which huge efficiencies can be wrought through ‘personalized’ medicine: patients, for example, have no need to visit clinics when biochemical monitoring can be achieved in the comfort of their own homes, the results sent wirelessly, in real time, to the specialist’s database.

With contributions spanning the experiences of 15 nations from the USA to Turkey, Taiwan and the UK, the contents of this book show what is possible in implementing personalized medicine in a heterogeneous set of contexts. Today’s burgeoning use of advanced early and predictive diagnostics, targeted prevention and personalized medical approaches will accelerate as advances in patient profiling and innovative bio/medical technologies come on stream. They could enable many of tomorrow’s elderly to reach 100 years of age in good physical and mental health, as actively contributing members of society. The scope of coverage in this volume provides a comprehensive and unrivaled review of historical, cultural, demographic, ethnic, socio-economic, political, and other aspects of personalized medicine. It shows that reaping the benefits of this kind of medical care requires careful regulations in healthcare and skilful political planning.


Global process of personalisation in medicine - New perspectives in healthcare; V. Costigliola

Part I Healthcare systems around the globe

Italian healthcare system in the global context: The cultural challenge of predictive, preventive and personalised medicine; G. Trovato & F. Basile

Healthcare in the UK - Predictive, preventive and personalised medicine perspective at the beginning of the 21st Century; K. Grosios, P. Gahan & J. Burbidge

The German Healthcare system; A. Döring & F. Paul

Healthcare overview in the Slovak Republic and implementation of predictive, preventive and personalized medicine; M. Kapalla, D. Kapallová & L. Turecký

An overview of the healthcare system in the Czech Republic with respect to predictive, preventive and personalized medicine; J. Kinkorova & O. Topolcan

Perpetual Transitions in Romanian Healthcare; L. Spiru, R. Traşcu, I. Turcu & M. Mărzan

An overview of the healthcare system in Georgia; T. Rukhadze

A general overview of the healthcare system in the Republic of Macedonia (FYROM): Healthcare indicators, organisation of healthcare system and its challenges; N. Kamcev, M. Danilova, V. Ivanovska, G. Kamceva, N. Velickova & K. Richter

Overview of the healthcare system in Turkey; M. Dundar & S.Y. Ozdemir

Taiwan’s healthcare report; W.S.H. Chan

Mobility of medical doctors as an attribute of the cross-border healthcare: Challenges, opportunities and perspectives; V. Costigliola

Where is going the European Pharma Industry?; M. Antonelli

Part II Female health/care

Changing long-held beliefs is never easy: A proposal for multimodal approaches in female healthcare - An integrative view; O. Golubnitschaja

A gender-specific nutritional approach to women’s healthcare; N. Shapira

Implications of gender based biology in oral health issues – Are women more susceptible?; R. Krishna & C. Drisco

Simultaneous systematic approach to enable predictive, preventive and personalized medicine – Women healthcare as s case study; M. Marcus-Kalish & H. Meiri

Part III Traditional and non-conventional medicine

Widening the Paradigm in Medicine and Health: Person Centred Medicine as Common Ground of Traditional and Non Conventional Medicine; P. Roberti di Sarsina, M. Alivia & P. Guadagni

Music-therapy, a personalised bridge towards healing beyond surgery and medication: European paediatrics overview; R. Haus

Part IV The role of laboratory medicine in healthcare

Characterization and validation of biomarkers by immunoassays: Quality requirements, physical standards and data management in predictive medicine; T. Waerner, J. Urthaler & K. Krapfenbauer

Part V Economy of PPPM

Effectiveness, cost effectiveness, and financial viability of personalized medicine: A role for comparative effectiveness research?; P. Brown

The economic challenge of predictive, preventive, and personalized medicine: The case study of lung-, head and neck cancer; A. Kugler, C. Kertu & K. Krapfenbauer

Health Promotion and Prevention in companies – economic aspects and prevention strategies for Shift work sleep disorders; K. Richter 

Part VI Ethics of PPPM

New ethical paradigm in preventive, predictive and personalised medicine; E. Gefenas, A. Cekanauskaite, E. Tuzaite, V. Dranseika & D. Characiejus


ISBN-13: 9789400746015
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 488
Weight: 1015g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, General Issues, General Practice, Public Health


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