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Handbook on Drowning
Prevention, Rescue, Treatment
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Main description:

by Jan-Carel van Dorp The board of Governors of the Maatschappij tot Redding van Drenkelingen is happy to introduce this congress book, the fruit of much effort in recent years of many devoted researchers in the fields of prevention, rescue and treatment of drowned people. It is a compilation of the results of their successful studies, as laid down during the World Congress on Drowning held in Amsterdam on 26–28 June 2002. Background Through the ages death by drowning, like so many other causes, was accepted as a part of life. Water brings life, water takes life; burial follows. It was not until th th the 17 or even as late as the 18 century that it became apparent that people could be effectively rescued by bystanders, that many seemingly dead drowning victims only died after burial and that some of them could have been saved from this fate had they received medical attention. In Europe it was the so-called Age of Enlightenment, with changing attitudes towards fellow man and social initiatives underway, including the founding of charitable societies. At that time three noblemen in Amsterdam realised that too many victims who had fallen in the waters of Amsterdam were left to their fate and died. Hence, in 1767, they founded a society for the rescue of drowning victims, de Maatschappij tot Redding van Drenkelingen. Their initiative was widely applauded. In the years that followed other cities in Holland started their own initiatives.


Brings together the existing knowledge in the field of drowning prevention, rescue and treatment


History.- The Epidemiology of Drowning.- The Prevention of Drowning.- Task Force on Rescue — Organisational Aspects: Planning, Training and Preparation.- Task Force on Rescue — Rescue Techniques.- Resuscitation.- Hospital Treatment.- Brain Resuscitation in the Drowning Victim.- Immersion Hypothermia.- Water-Related Disasters.- Breath-Hold, SCUBA and Hose Diving.- Investigation of Drowning Accidents.


ISBN-13: 9783642078811
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 760
Weight: 1145g
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Subcategories: Accident & Emergency Medicine, Anaesthetics and Pain, Cardiovascular Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Forensics


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Aus den Rezensionen:

"… Man hält mit diesem Werk, von dessen Autoren auch ein Großteil der weltweit publizierten Literatur stammt, gewissermaßen ‘The State of the Art’ zum Thema Drowning in der Hand. Das Buch handelt die Thematik beinahe lückenlos ab. … Das ‘Handbook on Drowning’ ist ein Muss für alle, die sich mit dem Thema Ertrinken wissenschaftlich beschäftigen. Zu empfehlen ist es weiterhin Entscheidungsträgern in Politik, Rettungsorganisationen und Kliniken, welche an der Umsetzung von Prävention, Rettung und Behandlung von Ertrinkungsfällen maßgeblich beteiligt sind …" (M. Pöppelmann, in: Kinder- und Jugendmedizin, 2007, Vol. 7, Issue 8, S. 456)