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Encyclopedia of Medical Immunology
Immunodeficiency Diseases
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Main description:

Volume Immunodeficiency Diseases in Springer’s gold-standard reference work on medical immunology focuses on infectious diseases. In tandem with its three counterpart volumes it offers the most wide-ranging and authoritative repository of knowledge on infectious diseases, with readily accessed contributions by the world’s leading authorities on the subject. The encyclopedia covers the material from all angles, with more than 1000 pages of essays on the genetics, physiology, metabolism, pathogenesis and applied microbiology of all known infectious diseases, and includes access to an e-reference work that will include ongoing updates reflecting the latest advances in the field.

An outstanding new resource of immense value to a wide range of medical researchers and practitioners, the encyclopedia features a user-friendly subdivision of diseases according to their affective locus in the human body. The sections cover integumentary, skeletal, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive transmissible pathogens. This high-profile encyclopedia will be an essential addition to academic libraries worldwide.


Part of a four-volume set, publishing separately. Topical volumes cover Allergic Diseases, Autoimmune Diseases, Vaccines and Immunodeficiency Diseases

Appeals to a broad range of researchers and professionals, including microbiologists and infectious disease specialists

Covers all angles of the subject—genetics, physiology, metabolism, pathogenesis, and applied microbiology


ISBN-13: 9781461486794
Publisher: Springer (Springer New York)
Publication date: September, 2018
Pages: 1000
Availability: Not yet available
Subcategories: Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Public Health


Professor Ian Mackay is an Honorary Professional Research Fellow of Monash University, Australia, and member of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

In a career spanning over six decades, with over 700 publications, Professor Mackay has gained international recognition as a pioneer in the area of autoimmunity; with his research contributing to the development of immunosuppressive treatment for autoimmune diseases.

In recognition of his service to medical research, Prof. Mackay was included in the 1981 Australia Day Honours list and was appointed as a Member of the Order of Australia. In 2001 he was awarded the Centenary Medal for service to Australian society and science in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Dr. Rose is the Director of Center for Autoimmune Disease Research and a Professor in the Department of Pathology (with joint appointment in Department of Medicine), the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a Professor in the W. Henry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology, the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health. Dr. Rose also served as the Chairman of the Autoimmune Diseases Coordinating Committee of the National Institutes of Health and a principal advisor to the former U.S. NIH Director Dr. Elias A. Zerhouni. He was the Chairman of the W. Henry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology of the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health for more than a decade.

Dr. Rose’s pioneering studies on autoimmune thyroiditis and myocarditis helped to initiate the modern era of research on autoimmune diseases. Dr. Rose and his colleagues have continued to contribute to our understanding of autoimmunity, including the first demonstration of the genetic factors responsible for predisposition to autoimmune disease in animals and more recent investigations on the influence of infection and environmental agents in the initiation of

autoimmune disease in genetically predisposed animals.

Dr. Rose is the co-author of the textbook The Autoimmune Diseases (now 3rd edition) and former Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Immunology. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Year in Immunology.

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