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Disorders of Sleep and Circadian Rhythms in Parkinson's Disease
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Main description:

This book is the first to take into account the rapidly growing body of knowledge on the relation between sleep and PD. Gathering contributions from internationally recognized experts, it provides a unique source of in-depth information on sleep and circadian dysregulation in Parkinson's disease. The book is divided into two parts: the first comprises chapters on normal sleep-wake homeostasis, followed by changes that occur in PD and discussions of available tools for the assessment of sleep-wake cycles in PD. In the second part, sleep and circadian disorders associated with PD are described in individual chapters, including sections on epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, differential diagnosis, and treatment. Controversies in the field, such as the relations between cognition and sleep, fatigue and sleepiness, and the potential impact of surgical therapies on sleep-wake cycles are discussed separately. The book closes with a chapter on future directions and unmet needs in the field of sleep, circadian biology and PD. This comprehensive text offers a readily accessible resource for clinicians and researchers alike, addressing the needs of neurologists, sleep and movement disorders specialists, and all trainees and allied health professionals involved in the care of patients affected by Parkinson's disease.


Part I.- 1. Introduction: Sleepy days and restless nights of Parkinson's Disease.- 2. Regulation of sleep and wake homeostasis.- 3. Neurochemistry of the sleep-wake cycle in Parkinson's disease.- 4. Impaired sleep and alertness in Parkinson's disease: what did we learn from animal models?.- 5. Objective measures of the sleep-wake cycle in Parkinson's disease.- 6. Subjective assessment of sleep and sleepiness in Parkinson's disease.
Part II.- 7. Excessive daytime somnolence associated with Parkinson's disease.- 8. Insomnia in Parkinson's disease.- 9. Sleep-disordered breathing in Parkinson's disease.- 10. Restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder in Parkinson's disease.- 11. REM sleep behavior disorder.- 12. REM sleep behavior disorder: a pre-motor marker of Parkinson's disease.- 13. Dysregulation of circadian system in Parkinson's disease.- 14. Cognition and the sleep-wake cycle in Parkinson's disease.- 15. Fatigue and sleepiness in Parkinson's disease.- 16. Impact of surgical therapies on sleep and alertness in Parkinson's disease.- 17. Future directions. â


ISBN-13: 9783709119730
Publisher: Springer (Springer Verlag GmbH)
Publication date: November, 2016
Pages: 241
Weight: 446g
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Subcategories: Diseases and Disorders, Neurology, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Psychiatry


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