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Delirium in Elderly Patients
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This book provides a comprehensive, scholarly, and practical account of delirium that will be of value for all doctors and nurses involved in the care of the elderly. It not only offers a state of the art update on delirium, covering its history, epidemiology, pathophysiology, assessment, diagnosis, causes, prevention, and management, but also presents evidence-based and practical information relevant to daily clinical routine. Owing to the complex multifactorial causes of delirium, different aspects of delirium in the elderly are discussed from a variety of perspectives. The book closes by presenting a series of case vignettes, delirium assessment tools and screening scales, and a list of those drugs highly associated with delirium. Delirium is a cognitive disorder characterised by deficits in attention, arousal, consciousness, memory, orientation, perception, speech, and language. It is a common and serious problem among older persons at every healthcare interface. Although it occurs in 10-60% of the older hospitalised population, delirium remains a relatively misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition. This book will be of interest to professionals working in geriatrics, geriatric psychiatry, general psychiatry, or neurology, internists, intensive care unit specialists, and all who care for the elderly in hospitals or the community.


Delirium: From Past To Present.
Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Delirium.
Pathogenesis of Delirium.
Delirium: Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis.
Delirium in Dementia.
Approach To The Elderly Patient With Delirium: The Geriatrician's Perspective.
The Geriatric Psychiatrist's Perspective.
The Neurologist's Perspective.
The Intensive Care Specialist's Perspective.
The Forensic Expert's Perspective.
Nursing Perspective.
Delirium Prevention and Treatment.
Case Vignettes.
Appendix: Confusion Assessment Method (CAM).
Confusion Assessment Tool for Intensive Care Unit (CAM-ICU).
Intensive Care Delirium Screening Checklist (ICDSC).
Nursing Delirium Screening Scale (Nu-DESC).
Delirium Detection Score (DDS).
Drugs Highly Associated With Delirium.


ISBN-13: 9783319879826
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: January, 2019
Pages: 139
Weight: 571g
Availability: Available
Subcategories: General Practice, Geriatrics


Dr. Ahmet Turan ISIK finished his graduation from Gulhane Military Medical Academy in 1995. He received specialist training in internal medicine in 2002 and became a specialist in internal medicine. In 2007, He completed geriatric side branch education and became a geriatrician. He had completed postgraduate studies both in the country and abroad on cognitive disorders and dementia (dementia) syndromes, especially Alzheimer's disease in the ages. He received associate professor position on December 2006 and Professor Title on March 2012. He is currently serving as the Head of the Department of Geriatrics at Dokuz Eylul University Medical Faculty. He is also director of Unit for Brain Ageing and Dementia in the same department. He is also a part-time faculty member at the Faculty of Health Sciences of Eastern Mediterranean University. His research interests reflect in his wide range of publications in various national and international journals. He is also author of many international and national books.


Average Rating 

"This book provides a comprehensive, scholarly, and practical account of delirium and it is interested and useful for professionals working in geriatrics, psychiatry, neurology, internists, and intensive care units." (Mirna Peco, Alcoholism and Psychiatry Research, Vol. 54 (01), June, 2018)