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Crib Death
Sudden Unexplained Death of Infants - The Pathologist's Viewpoint
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Main description:

Crib death (SIDS) is the most frequent cause of death for infants during the first year, striking 1 out of every 700-1,000. Scarce knowledge in the field of SIDS and its pathology has led to a continued and growing concern with finding an explanation, with the goal of being able to either predict or quickly diagnose the infant or term fetus.

A systematic study of the autonomic nervous system and cardiac system has been performed on a large number of infants and fetuses who died suddenly and unexpectedly, as well as in age-matched control cases. The neurological and cardiac findings are described here, and the relationship between SIDS and unexplained fetal death is discussed.

This book helps pathologists, forensic pathologists, pediatricians, obstetrics, and neonatologists in recognizing all potential morphological substrata and puts forward a well-researched postmortem study for use in a standardized autopsy protocol for use in all cases of sudden unexpected infant and fetal death.


Based on a large number of cases

Valuable help in recognizing pathological structures

Provides a standardized autopsy protocol to be applied to all cases


and Aims.- Materials and Methods.- Results.- Discussion.- Concluding Remarks.- Summary.


ISBN-13: 9783642080463
Publisher: Springer (Springer Berlin Heidelberg)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 170
Weight: 266g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Accident & Emergency Medicine, Forensics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Neonatal, Pathology
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From the reviews:

"This monograph is based on the author’s PhD thesis defended in 2004 and more than a dozen original papers she wrote on the subject of sudden unexplained death in infants. … This book is written for forensic and autopsy pathologists, neonatologists and other pediatricians, gynecologists, and public health workers. The secondary audience includes laboratory histotechnicians, pediatric nurses, medical students, and general medical practitioners … . will be of interest to forensic and pediatric pathologists and all other medical and nonmedical professionals who deal with SIDS." (Ivan Damjanov, Doody’s Review Service, January, 2008)

"This concise monograph is an overview of the multiple hypotheses and confirmatory pathological findings contributing to the multifactorial causes of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The book … is nicely organized into logical sections on the basis of the differential potential mechanisms of SIDS/crib death. … the histopathological illustrations are beautiful and are the main strengths of this book. … This book should be a valuable addition to the libraries of those interested in reviewing the heterogeneous pathophysiology of crib death." (Charles I. Berul, Circulation, Vol. 117, 2008)

"The book details the anatomy, physiology, pathology, and autopsy dissection techniques of the cardiac conducting system and the autonomic nervous system. … Readers of JAMA who have to deal with such fatalities, especially pediatricians and pediatric (and forensic) pathologists, should add Ottaviani’s book … ." (Syed A. Hoda and Brian D. Robinson, JAMA, Vol. 299 (9), 2008)