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Configuring Health Consumers
Health Work and the Imperative of Personal Responsibility
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Main description:

Public health policy in Western countries increasingly emphasises citizens' personal responsibility for their own health. Strategies to encourage people to lessen their reliance on traditional forms of health care often involve new technologies that are intended to facilitate better access to health information and enable opportunities for self-care. 'Community-based' health care service delivery models have emerged hand-in-hand with discourses of 'patient-centred care', 'shared decision making', 'consumer health information' and patient 'autonomy' and 'empowerment'. In this book, contributors unpack these discourses and discuss their implications for relationships between patients and their health care providers, including the increasingly contested boundaries of medical 'expertize'. A distinctive contribution of this book is to bring together recent discussions about health 'consumerism' and self-care with developments in the sociology of work to make visible the restructuring of health-related labour, particularly emerging forms of health 'work' that are increasingly expected of private citizens.


Health(y) Citizenship: Technology, Work and Narratives of Responsibility; S.Wyatt, R.Harris & N.Wathen In Sickness and in Health: Public and Private Responsibility for Health Care from Bismarck to Obama; L.Bella Power to the Patient? A Critical Examination of Patient Empowerment Discourses; T.Veinot Lay Knowledge: The Missing Middle of the Expertise Debates; S.Wilcox The Rhetorical Work of Informed Choice in Midwifery: Situated Knowledges and the Negotiation of Healthcare Decisions; P.Spoel Empowerment, Compliance, and the Ethical Subject in Dietetic Work; J.Gingras & L.Aphramor Disorder Construction as Lay Work: Examining the Relationship Between Sleep Paralysis Construction and Help-Seeking Behaviours; C.Weisgerber Facilitating Patients' Hope Work Through Relationship: A Critique of the Discourse of Autonomy; P.Salander & C.Moynihan The Work of Clinical Communication in Cancer Care; P.Salmon Working for the Cure: Challenging Pink Ribbon Activism; M.Goldenberg Impatient on the Net: Exploring the Genres of Internet Use for Health; M.Bakardjieva Sourcing the Crowd for Health Experiences: Letting the People Speak or Obliging Voice Through Choice?; S.Adams Working (IT) Out Together: Engaging the Community in E-Health Developments for Obesity Management; F.Henwood, L.Carlin, E.S.Guy, A.M.Marshall & H.Smith Working to be Healthy: Empowering Consumers or Citizens?; R.Harris, N.Wathen& S.Wyatt Bibliography


ISBN-13: 9780230251960
Publisher: Macmillan Education (Palgrave Macmillan)
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 288
Dimensions: 144.00 x 224.00 x 21.00
Weight: 460g
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Subcategories: Ethics, General Practice, Public Health


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