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Cognitive-behavioral Therapy with Adults
A Guide to Empirically-informed Assessment and Intervention
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Main description:

Cognitive-behavioral therapy has developed hugely over the past 30 years and is the branch of psychotherapy which has most successfully transferred into the mainstream of treating mental health problems. In this volume, readers will be provided with an integrated, systematic approach for conceptualizing and treating disorders commonly encountered in clinical practice. A strong emphasis is placed on empirically supported approaches to assessment and intervention while offering readers hands-on recommendations for treating common mental disorders, grounded in evidence-based medicine. Practical chapters written by a variety of international experts include numerous case studies demonstrating the specific techniques and addressing common problems encountered and how to overcome them. Cognitive-behavioral Therapy with Adults is an essential guide for practising clinicians and students of cognitive-behavioral therapy as well as educated consumers and those interested in psychotherapy for common mental disorders.


Preface; 1. Cognitive-behavioral paradigm Mark Reinecke and Stefan Hofmann; 2. Assessment and case formulation Jackie Persons; 3. Depression and suicide Mark Reinecke and Jacqueline Gollan; 4. Bipolar disorder Jan Scott; 5. Generalized anxiety disorder Adrian Wells and Peter Fisher; 6. Social anxiety Tejal Jakatdar and Rick Heimberg; 7. Specific phobia Naomi Koerner, Jenny Rogojansk and Martin Antony; 8. Panic disorder Jason Prenoveau and Michelle Craske; 9. OCD Maureen Whittal and M. Robichaud; 10. PTSD Brett Litz; 11. Eating disorders Zafra Cooper and Chris Fairburn; 12. Psychotic disorders Nick Tarrier; 13. Body dysmorphic disorder Sabine Wilhelm; 14. Marital therapy Norm Epstein and Donald H. Baucum; 15. Personality disorders Alec Miller and Sarah Reynolds; 16. Mindfulness L. Needleman and Cynthia Cushman; 17. Future directions Mark Reinecke and Stefan Hofmann; Index.


ISBN-13: 9780521720892
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: October, 2010
Pages: 202
Dimensions: 189.00 x 246.00 x 10.00
Weight: 460g
Availability: In stock
Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotherapy
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