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The Road to Nursing
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Commencing a nursing qualification can be an exciting and daunting prospect. The Road to Nursing empowers nursing students to become effective practitioners by providing an in-depth foundational knowledge of the key concepts and skills that will underpin their entire nursing journey. Written by an expert team of academics and practising nurses, this text emphasises the importance of meaning-making, supporting students to critically engage with key knowledge that informs their ongoing learning, development and professional identity. Each chapter supports learning through pedagogical features including case studies, nursing perspectives, reflections, key terms, review questions and research topics. The additional activities accessed through the VitalSource eBook reaffirm comprehension and encourage critical thinking. The Road to Nursing is written in an accessible narrative style, providing a friendly guiding voice that will support students from the classroom into practice.


Part I. Beginning: 1. The journey begins Nick Arnott, Penelope Paliadelis and Mary Cruickshank; 2. Awakening and engaging in your learning Judith Lyons; 3. Contemporary nursing education Nick Arnott, Carolyn King, Patricia Bromley and Kylie Hoffman; 4. Preparing for success Lolita Wikander and Judith Lyons; Part II. Becoming: 5. The heart of nursing Melanie Eslick, Lolita Wikander, Nick Arnott and Danielle Williams; 6. Philosophical underpinnings Nick Arnott, Kerry Howells and Suzanne Bliss; 7. The history and evolving image of nursing Mary Cruickshank, Penelope Paliadelis, Swapnali Gazula and Margaret McAllister; 8. Thinking like a nurse Joanne Porter, Alicia J. Perkins, Judith Lyons and Shireen Sewgolam; 9. Health and healthcare in Australia Diana Guzys and Kathleen Tori; 10. Understanding self and others Nick Arnott, Penelope Paliadelis, Mary Cruickshank and Danielle Williams; 11. Foundations of nursing practice Rhian Cramer, Nicole Coombs, Judith Lyons and Jeong-ah Kim; 12. Nursing as a profession Judith Lyons and Suzanne Bliss; 13. Professional experience placements Nick Arnott, Melanie Eslick and Maryanne Podham; Part III. Being: 14. Being a safe and ethical practitioner Gina Mata, Joyce Hendricks and Elisabeth Jacob; 15. Being a member of an interprofessional team David Stanley and Karen Stanley; 16. Empowering our profession Nick Arnott, Kylie Ward and Melanie Eslick; 17. Preparing for the transition to registered nursing practice Jacqueline Lea; 18. Conclusion: What now? Where to from here? Penelope Paliadelis.


ISBN-13: 9781108435284
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: November, 2018
Pages: 336
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Midwifery, Nursing


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