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Public Health
Local and Global Perspectives
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Public Health: Local and Global Perspectives presents a comprehensive introduction to public health issues and concepts in the Australian and international contexts. It provides students with fundamental knowledge of the public health field, including frameworks, theories, key organisations and contemporary issues. The third edition features a new chapter on the public health workforce and the importance of advocacy in the profession and a thorough update that includes current research and case studies. Discussion of the COVID-19 pandemic and other contemporary public health issues offers students the opportunity to apply theory to familiar examples. Each chapter contextualises key concepts with spotlights and vignettes, reflective questions, tutorial exercises and suggestions for further reading. Written by an expert team of public health professionals, Public Health is an essential resource for public health students.


1. Public health: An introduction to local and global contexts Pranee Liamputtong; Part I. Historical and Theoretical Perspectives: 2. Public health: Historical and contemporary principles and practices Rebecca E. Olson and Paul Saunders; 3. Health promotion principles and practice: Addressing complex public health issues using the Ottawa Charter Bernadette Sebar, Kirsty Morgan and Jessica Lee; 4. Primary health care and community health Lawrence Tan and Jennifer Reath; 5. Public health ethics Jane Williams and Stacy M. Carter; 6. Public health: advocacy and the workforce Gemma Crawford, Jonathan Hallett, Tina Price, Toni Hannelly and Christina Pollard; Part II. Determinants of Health: 7. Social determinants of health John Oldroyd; 8. Behavioural, nutritional and environmental determinants and public health Jonathan Hallett, Gemma Crawford, Christina Pollard and Toni Hannelly; 9. Individual decision-making in public health John Bidewell; 10. Political determinants of public health Marguerite C. Sendall; 11. Human rights, social justice and public health Ann Taket; Part III. Public Health and Research: 12. Qualitative research methodology and evidence-based practice in public health Pranee Liamputtong and Zoe Sanipreeya Rice; 13. Assessing the health of populations: Epidemiology in public health Patricia Lee; 14. Planning and evaluation of public health interventions Stuart Wark; Part IV. Public Health Issues and Special Populations: 15. The health of children: The right to thrive Lisa Gibbs, Elise Davis, Simon Crouch and Lauren Carpenter; 16. Adolescence, health, social problems and public health Jessica Heerde and Sheryl Hemphill; 17. Healthy ageing Elizabeth Cyarto and Frances Batchelor; 18. The health inequities of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities: Strategies for change Teresa Iacono and Christine Bigby; 19. The health of indigenous peoples Sharon Chirgwin and Diane Walker; 20. The health of migrants and refugees Celia McMichael; 21. Understanding health in rural settings Alan Crouch, Lisa Bourke and David Pierce; 22. Drug use in Australia: A public health approach Andrew Smirnov and Jake Najman.


ISBN-13: 9781009048569
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: August, 2022
Pages: 472
Weight: 984g
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Subcategories: Epidemiology, Public Health
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