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Practical Operating Theatre Management
Measuring and Improving Performance and Patient Experience
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Main description:

Distilling the ideas central to managing operating theatres, this book provides a practical and easy to use toolkit to improve theatre efficiency and patient outcomes. It advocates using time as the key measurement and proposes a new norm of operating theatre management based on rational, data-driven principles. Notions of 'efficiency' and 'scheduling' are clearly defined, and a scheduling toolkit available to download accompanies the work. The book's easy to use format supports managers in list planning, performance monitoring and demand-capacity matching while considering limited budgets and resources. It includes contributions from around the world, demonstrating the global application of its core approach. Aimed primarily at operating theatre managers, this book will also interest consultants, senior trainees, nurses and administrators who are involved in the daily running of the operating theatre and/or want to develop their leadership/managerial skills.


Foreword Andy Hardy; Preface; 1. Introduction and scope of book Jaideep J. Pandit; 2. Defining 'efficiency' Jaideep J. Pandit; 3. Defining 'productivity' Jaideep J. Pandit; 4. Case scheduling Jaideep J. Pandit; 5. Capacity planning Jaideep J. Pandit; 6. Staffing and contracts Jaideep J. Pandit; 7. Theatre finances Jaideep J. Pandit; 8. Pre-operative patient preparation Jaideep J. Pandit; 9. Operating theatre management in New Zealand Cameron C. R. Buchanan; 10. Operating theatre management in Japan Yoshinori Nakata; 11. Operating theatre management in two European countries André van Zundert and Thomas Sieber; 12. Operating theatre management in Australia André van Zundert; 13. Operating theatre management in the United States Emily B. Goldenberg and Alex Macario; 14. Clinical governance and safety in theatres Meghana Pandit; 15. Summary and overview Peter H. J. Müller; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781316646830
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: November, 2018
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Anaesthetics and Pain, General


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