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Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics
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Main description:

A good understanding of medical statistics is essential to evaluate medical research and to choose appropriate ways of implementing findings in clinical practice. The Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics has been written to provide doctors and medical students with a comprehensive yet concise account of this often difficult subject.

Described by readers as a 'statistical Bible', this new edition maintains the accessibility and thoroughness of the original, and includes comprehensive updates including new sections on transitional medicine, cluster designs, and modern statistical packages. The Handbook promotes understanding and interpretation of statistical methods across a wide range of topics, from study design and sample size considerations, through t- and chi-squared tests, to complex multifactorial analyses, all using
examples from published research. References and further reading are included, to allow deeper understanding on specific topics.

Featuring a new chapter on how to use this book in different medical contexts, the Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics helps readers to conduct their own research and critically appraise others' work.


1: How to use the Oxford Handbook of Medical Statistics
2: Research design
3: Collecting data
4: Handling data: what steps are important
5: Presenting research findings
6: Choosing and using statistical software
7: Summarising data
8: Probability and distributions
9: Statistical tests
10: Diagnostic studies
11: Other statistical methods/topics
12: Analysing multiple observations per subject
13: Analysing multiple variables per subject
14: Meta analysis
15: Bayesian statistics
16: Glossary


ISBN-13: 9780198743583
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Publication date: June, 2020
Pages: 640
Dimensions: 100.00 x 185.00 x 24.00
Weight: 334g
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Subcategories: Epidemiology, General Issues


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