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Omics Technologies and Bio-engineering
Towards Improving Quality of Life
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Omics Technologies and Bio-Engineering: Towards Improving Quality of Life is a unique reference that brings together multiple perspectives on omics research, providing in-depth analysis and insights from an international team of authors. The book delivers pivotal information that will inform and improve medical and biological research by helping readers gain more direct access to analytic data, an increased understanding on data evaluation, and a comprehensive picture on how to use omics data in molecular biology, biotechnology and human health care.


EMERGING FIELDS 1. Biotechnological Innovations in Agriculture, Health and Industry shaping our present and future 2. Overview and general principles of omics technologies in biotechnology 3. Omics approaches in pharmacogenomics and personalized/ precision medicine 4. Omics approaches in marine biotechnology 5. Nanobiotechnology in Bio-Engineering 6. Synthetic Biology 7. Reverse engineering 8. Omics approaches in Forensic biotechnology 9. Biotechnology in Astrobiology 10. Computational techniques in data integration and big-data handling in omics 11. Bioinformatics and Systems biology in bio-engineering ANIMAL AND MEDICAL BT 12. Techniques for nucleic acid engineering 13. Techniques for Protein engineering 14. Animal cell and tissue culture 15. Bio and gene banking 16. Gene and whole organism cloning 17. Biotechnology for improved animal productivity and quality 18. Medical biotechnology 19. Techniques for candidate and disease gene identification 20. Engineered animal model for biomedical research 21. Therapeutic aspects of stem cell engineering 22. Tissue engineering 23. Gene therapy and molecular medicine 24. Biotechnology for Biomarkers 25. Omics approaches in Immunotechnology 26. Engineering monoclonal antibodies: Production and applications 27. Omics approaches in In-vitro fertilization 28. Safety and Ethics in biotechnology and bio-engineering MICROBIAL, PLANT AND AGRI BT 29. Omics approaches in Microbial biotechnology 30. Omics approaches in Viral biotechnology 31. Omics approaches in Algal and fungal biotechnology 32. Omics approaches in Plant tissue engineering 33. Genetic engineering for plant Transgenesis 34. Agricultural biotechnology 35. Biotechnology for improved crop productivity and quality 36. Genetic engineering for Functional food 37. Omics approaches in Molecular farming and engineering for Edible Vaccines 38. Omics approaches in Plant metabolic engineering 39. Biotechnology for Biofertilizer 40. Biocontrol Technology: An eco-friendly approach for sustainable agriculture 41. Omics approaches and engineering against Superbug INDUSTRY AND ENV 42. Techniques for industrial bio-engineering 43. Omics approaches in Industrial and Bioprocess technology 44. Omics approaches in Dairy and food process technology 45. Omics approaches and Bio-engineering for Enzyme 45. Cell-free Biosystems and Biomanufacturing 46. Omics approaches in Pharmaceutical biotechnology 47. Omics approaches in Biofuel Technologies 48. Omics approaches in Environmental biotechnology and bioremediation


ISBN-13: 9780128046593
Publisher: Elsevier (Academic Press Inc)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 544
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Subcategories: Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering


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