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Natural Products and Metabolic Disorders
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Main description:

Natural products with health promoting properties are gaining popularity and recognition in the management of metabolic disorders due to low cost, wide availability and minimal or no side effects. Thus, natural products represent future hope for the pharmacological management of these diseases. This book will focus on the most current scientific knowledge related to natural products in preventing and managing metabolic disorders. It will also highlight research gaps for future attention that provide direction toward ensuring the most pertinent scientific evidence for the safety and efficacy of natural products as well as advance timelines and opportunities for their therapeutic benefits.


Natural Products and Obesity.
Anti-obesity potential of natural products.
Role of natural products in ameliorating oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions associated with obesity.
Natural product lipid absorption inhibitors to fight obesity.
Natural products and adipocyte biology: Anti-obesity actions.
Increasing energy expenditure and decreasing appetite using natural products.

Natural Products and Metabolic Syndrome.
Role/efficacy of natural products in ameliorating lipid disorders/metabolism associated with metabolic syndrome. Role/efficacy of natural products in ameliorating endothelial function/hypertension associated with metabolic syndrome. Natural products, metabolic, and cognitive links.

Natural Products and Type 2 Diabetes.
Natural Products influencing on carbohydrate digestion and absorption for systemic glycemic control.
Role of natural products in insulin signaling: opportunities to enhance insulin action naturally.
Making synthetic drugs for treating T2DM work better with less: a role for combination therapy.

Liver and Natural products.
The role of natural products in hepatic diseases and relationship with metabolic disorders, such as lipid metabolism, glucose homeostasis, bile acid metabolism and signaling.


ISBN-13: 9781138197985
Publisher: Taylor & Francis (CRC Press)
Publication date: December, 2024
Pages: 280
Weight: 611g
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Subcategories: Endocrinology, Nutrition, Pharmacology


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