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Muscle Physiology and Biochemistry
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Preface; S. Imai, et al. Dedication; M. Endo. 1. Professor Ebashi's Impact on the Study of the Regulation of Striated Muscle Contraction; J. Gergely. 2. Troponin I: Inhibitor or Facilitator; S.V. Perry. 3. Calcium Ion Regulation of Muscle Contraction - The Regulatory Role of Troponin T; I. Ohtsuki. 4. Thermodynamic Analyses of Calcium Binding of Troponin C, Calmodulin and Parvalbumins by Using Microcalorimetry; K. Yamada. 5. A Strange Calmodulin of Yeast; M. Yazawa, et al. 6. Regulation by Molluscan Myosins; A.G. Szent-Györgyi, et al. 7. The Properties and Function of Invertebrate New Muscle Protein; Y. Yazawa, M. Kamidochi. 8. Actin Binding Proteins That Change Extent and Rate of Actin Monomerpolymer Distribution by Different Mechanisms; A. Weber. 9. A Phosphorus-31 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study on the Complex of Chicken Gizzard Myosin Subfragment 1 with Adenosine Diphosphate; M. Tanokura, Y. Suzuki. 10. Interactions of Protein Phosphatase Type 1, with a Focus on Myosin Phosphatase; D.J. Hartshorne, K. Hirano. 11. Myosin Light Chain Kinase from Skeletal Muscle Regulates an ATP-Dependent Interaction between Actin and Myosin by Binding to Actin; K. Fujita, et al. 12. CA2+-induced Ca2+ Desensitization of Myosin Light Chain Phosphorylation and Contraction in Phasic Smooth Muscle; T. Murahashi, et al. 13. Growing and Differentiating Characterization of Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell Line, p53LMAC01 Obtained from p53 Knock Out Mice; T. Masuda, et al. 14. Expressional Regulation of Smooth Muscle Cell-Specific Genes inAssociation with Phenotypic Modulation; K. Sobue, et al. 15. Roles of Intracellular Ca2+ Receptors in the Pancreatic &bgr;-Cell in Insulin Secretion; I. Niki, H. Hidaka. 16. Organization of Connectin/Titin Filaments in Sarcomeres of Differentiating Chicken Skeletal Muscle Cells; Y. Soeno, et al. 17. Detection of a Sequence Involved in Actin-Binding and Phosphoinositide-Binding in the N-Terminal Side of Cofilin; K.-I. Kusano, et al. 18. Creatine Kinase, Cell Membrane and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy; E. Ozawa, et al. 19. Structural Basis of the Function of Endothelin Receptor; T. Masaki, et al. 20. Stimulation of Plasma Membrane Ca2+-Pump ATPase of Vascular Smooth Muscle by cGMP-Dependent Protein Kinase: Functional Reconstitution with Purified Proteins; Y. Yoshida, et al. 21. Chemical Modification of an Arginine Residue in the ATP-Binding Site of Ca2+-Transporting ATPase of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum by Phenylglyoxal; H. Yamamoto, M. Kawakita. 22. Intrinsic Inhibitor of Inosital 1,4,5-Trisphosphate Binding; M. Hirata, et al. 23. Dynamic Regulation of Intracellular Calcium Signals through Calcium Release Channels; M. Iino. 24. Comparison of Properties of Ca2+ Release Channels between Rabbit and Frog Skeletal Muscles; Y. Ogawa, et al. Multiple Modes of Openings of Ryanodine Receptor Calcium Release Channel of Skeletal Muscle; M. Endo.


ISBN-13: 9781461375340
Publisher: Springer (Springer US)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 206
Weight: 543g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Biochemistry
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