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Multiparameter Flow Cytometry in the Diagnosis of Hematologic Malignancies
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Main description:

Master implementation of flow cytometry the techniques and in diagnosing complex hematological diseases and malignancies in patients, worldwide. Featuring World Health Organization recommendations on pre-analytical steps, instrument settings and panel construction, this invaluable manual offers invaluable support for those researching, practicing and analysing the cause of hematological malignancies. Authored by leading experts, this book puts flow-cytometry into everyday context. With a focus on multicolour panels, the manual provides readers an experienced understanding of effective, implementation techniques. Practitioners of all levels are offered a background in a variety of diseases presented alongside the most current methodology. Wide-ranging and comprehensive; detailed images of healthy blood, bone marrow and lymph-nodes are illustrated throughout, allowing for effective diagnosis. Through engaging with differential diagnoses, the manual offers an understanding of similar symptoms and mimicking malignancies, avoiding inaccurate results. Featuring in-depth descriptions of chronic diseases; users can reach accurate diagnosis, first time.


List of contributors; Preface; 1. Flow cytometry in clinical hematopathology: basic principles and data analysis of multiparameter data sets Francis Lacombe and Marie C. Béné; 2. Antigens Marie-Christine Béné and Anna Porwit; 3. Flow cytometry of normal blood, bone marrow and lymphatic tissue Anna Porwit and Marie-Christine Béné; 4. Reactive conditions and other diseases where flow cytometric findings may mimic hematological malignancies Wolfgang Kern, Marie-Christine Béné and Anna Porwit; 5. Examples of immunophenotypic features in various categories of acute leukaemia Marie-Christine Béné and Anna Porwit; 6. Acute lymphoid leukaemias and minimal residual disease in all Giuseppe Basso, Barbara Buldini and Andrea Zangrando; 7. Immunophenotyping of mature B-cell lymphomas Olof Axler and Anna Porwit; 8. Plasma cell myeloma and related disorders Ruth M. de Tute, Andrew C. Rawstron and Roger G. Owen; 9. Mature T-cell Neoplasms and NK-cell malignancies Anne Tierens; 10. Flow cytometric diagnosis of hodgkin lymphoma in lymph nodes Lori Soma, Brent L. Wood and Jonathan R. Fromm; 11. Minimal residual disease in acute myeloid leukaemia Gerrit J. Schuurhuis, Angèle Kelder, Gert J. Ossenkoppele, Jacqueline Cloos and Wendelien Zeijlemaker; 12. Ambiguous lineage and mixed phenotype acute leukemia Anna Porwit and Marie-Christine Béné; 13. Flow cytometry in myelodysplastic syndromes T. M. Westers and A. A. van de Loosdrecht; 14. Future applications of flow cytometry and related techniques Marie Christine Béné and Francis Lacombe; Index.


ISBN-13: 9781107503830
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: January, 2018
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Pathology


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