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Geriatric Anesthesiology
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Surgical and anesthetic techniques have evolved to allow a growing number of older adults to undergo surgery, and current estimates are that 50% of Americans over the age of 65 years old will have an operation. However, as the knowledge regarding perioperative care of the elderly surgical patient grows, so do the questions. In this edition, each chapter includes a section entitled "Gaps in Our Knowledge," meant to highlight areas in which research is needed, as well as hopefully inspire readers to begin solving some of these questions themselves. Building upon the strong foundation of the first two editions, Geriatric Anesthesiology, 3rd edition also assembles the most up-to-date information in geriatric anesthesia and provides anesthesiologists with important new developments.Topics covered include several new chapters that reflect the evolution of multidisciplinary geriatric care throughout the perioperative continuum, as well as the growing body of literature related to prehabilitation. In addition, discussion of the surgeon's perspective and geriatrician's perspective on surgery in the geriatric population is covered, as well as the systematic physiologic changes associated with aging and the pharmacologic considerations for the geriatric patient undergoing procedures. Finally, the last section discusses postoperative care specific to the geriatric population, including acute pain management, ICU management, recent evidence and up-to-date practice regarding delirium and postoperative cognitive dysfunction, and palliative care.


Part I - FundamentalsCh. 1: Geriatric Anesthesiology: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?Julie R. McSwain, J.G. Reves, Sheila Ryan Barnett, G. Alec RookeCh. 2: Theories and mechanisms of agingNeal S. FedarkoCh. 3: Ethical and Legal Issues of GeriatricsPaul J. HoehnerCh. 4: Basic Preoperative Evaluation and Preoperative Management of the Older PatientLinda Liu, Jacqueline M. LeungCh. 5: The Perioperative Surgical Home for the Geriatric PopulationGary E. Loyd, Anahat DhillonCh. 6: Improving perioperative functional capacity. A case for prehabilitationFrancesco Carli, Guillaume Bousquet-DionCh. 7: Care of the Geriatric Surgery Patient - The Surgeon's PerspectiveMelissa A. Hornor, James D. McDonald, Daniel A. Anaya, Ronnie Ann RosenthalCh. 8: The Geriatrician's Perspective on Surgery in the Geriatric PopulationThuan Ong, Joe C. Huang, Carol Crawford, Katherine Bennett Ch. 9: Medicare, Administrative and Financial Matters in Caring for Geriatric PatientsLaura TarlowPart II - System ChangesCh. 10: Geriatric Anesthesia: Age-dependent Changes in the Central and Peripheral Nervous SystemsAnushree Doshi, Roberto Cabeza, Miles BergerCh. 11: Cardiovascular SystemShamsuddin Akhtar, Thomas J. EbertCh. 12: The Aging Respiratory System: Strategies to Minimize Postoperative Pulmonary ComplicationsAna Fernandez-Bustamante, Juraj Sprung, Rodrigo Cartin-Ceba, Toby N. Weingarten, David O. WarnerCh. 13: Renal, Metabolic and Endocrine AgingSonalee Shah, Michael C. LewisCh. 14: Musculoskeletal and Integumentary SystemsItay Bentov, May J. ReedCh. 15: Perioperative Thermoregulation in the ElderlyDaniel I. SesslerPart III - PharmacologyCh. 16: Inhalational AnestheticsGary R. HaynesCh. 17: Intravenous Sedatives and AnestheticsTracy Jobin McGrane, Matthew D. McEvoy, J.G. RevesCh. 18: The Pharmacology of Intravenous OpioidsStephanie Whitener, Matthew D. McEvoy, L. Shafer, Pamela FloodCh. 19: Local Anesthetics and Regional AnesthesiaSylvia H. Wilson, Michael AndersonCh. 20: Neuromuscular Blocking and Reversal AgentsCynthia A. LienCh. 21: Anesthetic Implications of Chronic Medication UseR. David Warters, Tamas A. Szabo Part IV - Special ConcernsCh. 22: Anesthesia for Common Non-Operating Room Procedures in the Geriatric PatientGeorge A. Dumas, Julie R. McSwain, Sheila Ryan BarnettCh. 23: Cardiothoracic and Vascular ProceduresTimothy L. Heinke, James H. Abernathy III


ISBN-13: 9783319668772
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: October, 2017
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