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FRCS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) Part 2: 100 Clinical Cases
Series: Postgraduate
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Main description:

The FRCS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (OMFS) exam is split into three parts: written, viva and mock clinical consultations with an examiner and an actor in the role of a patient. These consultations fall into two formats: ‘short case’, where the examiner poses questions specific to the patient’s case, and ‘long case’ where the candidate must diagnose the patient’s presenting problem and suggest an appropriate course of treatment. 

FRCS (Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) Part 2: 100 Clinical Cases focuses on the clinical component of the exam and is structured according the FRCS OMFS syllabus.

Each chapter starts with cases devoted to examination of the patient, history taking and investigations. Subsequent cases feature ‘short case’ clinical scenarios commonly encountered in the exam. Where relevant to exam practice, a ‘long case’ is included at the end of each chapter.

The ‘short cases’ feature mock questions, while the ‘long cases’ also include an examiner’s mark sheet listing the answers and actions candidates must perform to achieve full marks.

  • First book to cater specifically for the clinical component of the FRCS OMFS exam

  • Ideal for practising scenarios with colleagues and taking turns to play role of either candidate or examiner


Chapter 1:         Dentoalveolar Surgery 

  1.1        Short case: coronectomy

  1.2        Short case: displaced tooth root and CBCT

              1.3        Short case: management of the ectopic canine

              1.4        Short case: third molar extraction assessment

              1.5        Short case: lip numbness following implant placement

              1.6        Short case: post traumatic alveolar ridge and bone grafts

              1.7        Long case: tongue numbness following third molar   


Chapter 2:         Head and Neck Oncological Surgery

  2.1        Short case: taking an oncology patient history

              2.2        Short case: examining the oncology patient

              2.3        Short case: interpreting a CT scan

              2.4        Short case: interpreting a MR scan

              2.5        Short case: ultrasound assessment of neck lumps

              2.6        Short case: unknown primary and PET scanning

              2.7        Short case: sentinel lymph node biopsy

              2.8        Short case: neck lump

              2.9        Short case: radial forearm flap

              2.10      Short case: fibula flap

              2.11      Short case: pectoralis flap and chemotherapy

              2.12      Short case: ALT flap

              2.13      Short case: scapula flap

              2.14      Short case: neck dissection

              2.15      Short case: upper lip defect reconstruction

              2.16      Short case: xerostomia and radiotherapy

              2.17      Long case: maxillectomy defect and DCIA flap

Chapter 3: Orthognathic Surgery           

  3.1        Short case: taking an orthognathic patient history

              3.2        Short case: examination of the orthognathic patient

              3.3        Short case: interpretation of a lateral cephalogram

              3.4        Short case: model surgery and virtual planning

              3.5        Short case: inverted L osteotomy

              3.6        Short case: mandibular asymmetry

              3.7        Short case: low angle class 2 skeletal relationship

              3.8        Short case: high angle class 3 skeletal relationship

              3.9        Short case: post operative bimaxillary steotomy

              3.10      Short case: condylar resorption following sagittal split


              3.11      Short case: segmental osteotomy

              3.12      Short case: transverse maxillary deficiency

              3.13      Long case: high angle class 2 skeletal relationship

Chapter 4: Facial Cutaneous Surgery     

  4.1        Short case: history taking of a patient with a facial skin


              4.2        Short case: examination of a facial skin lesion

              4.3        Short case: Moh's surgery

              4.4        Short case: melanoma

              4.5        Short case: nasal alar reconstruction

              4.6        Short case: temple lesion reconstruction

              4.7        Short case: scalp reconstruction 

              4.8        Long case: ear lesion reconstruction

Chapter 5: Facial Trauma

              5.1        Short case: isolated nasal fracture

              5.2        Short case: frontal sinus fracture

              5.3        Short case: penetrating neck injury

              5.4        Short case: nasoethmoidal complex fracture

              5.5        Short case: infected mandible fracture

              5.6        Short case: ballistic mandible fracture

              5.7        Short case: edentulous mandible fracture

              5.8        Short case: orbital floor fracture

              5.9        Short case: mandibular condyle fracture

              5.10      Short case: zygomatic complex fracture

              5.11      Long case: panfacial fracture

Chapter 6: Salivary Gland Disease

              6.1        Short case: recurrent submandibular gland swelling from

                           a sialolith

              6.2        Short case: submandibular gland lump

              6.3        Short case: parotid lump

              6.4        Short case: post submandibular gland excision

              6.5        Short case: post parotid gland excision

              6.6        Short case: ranula in the floor of mouth

              6.7        Long case: superficial parotidectomy following recent


Chapter 7: Oral Pathology         

  7.1        Short case: medication related osteonecrosis of the jaw


              7.2        Short case: necrotising sialometaplasia and oral ulcers

              7.3        Short case: fibrous dysplasia

              7.4        Short case: mucous membrane pemphigoid

              7.5        Short case: lichen planus

              7.6        Short case: oral pigmentation

              7.7        Short case: white patch and pre-malignant lesions

              7.8        Short case: exposed bone from osteoradionecrosis

              7.9        Short case: gingival mass

              7.10      Short case: keratocystic odontogenic tumour

              7.11      Short case: calcifying epithelial odontogenic tumour

              7.12      Long case: unsuspected multicystic ameloblastoma

8: Temporomandibular Joint Surgery    

  8.1        Short case: temperomandibular joint history

              8.2        Short case: temperomandibular joint examination

              8.3        Short case: osteoarthritis of the TMJ

              8.4        Short case: synchondromatosis and CT

              8.5        Short case: closed lock and MRI

              8.6        Short case: SPECT scan interpretation

              8.7        Short case: alloplastic joint replacement

              8.8        Short case: painful clicking

              8.9        Long case: ankylosis

Chapter 9: Craniofacial and Paediatric Surgery  

  9.1        Short case: assessment of the craniofacial and syndromic


              9.2        Short case: Short case: distraction osteogenesis

              9.3        Short case: temporal hollowing

              9.4        Short case: LeFort 3 osteotomy

              9.5        Short case: zygomaticus implants

              9.6        Long case: vascular malformation

Chapter 10: Cleft Lip and Palate Surgery

  10.1      Short case: cleft LeFort 1 osteotomy

              10.2      Short case: cleft lip repair

              10.3      Short case: secondary cleft rhinoplasty

              10.4      Long case: cleft palate fistula with VPI

Chapter 11: Facial Aesthetic Surgery     

              11.1      Short case: forehead wrinkles

              11.2      Short case: rhinoplasty

              11.3      Short case: facial re-animation

              11.4      Short case: blepharoplasty and ptosis

              11.5      Short case: post traumatic scar management

              11.6      Long case: dorsal nasal hump


ISBN-13: 9781909836839
Publisher: Jaypee Medical (JP Medical)
Publication date: February, 2019
Pages: 240
Weight: 571g
Availability: Not yet available
Subcategories: Dentistry, Medical Study and Teaching Aids



Specialty Registrar Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Specialty Registrar in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Rhodri Williams BDS MBBS FRCS (OMFS)

Consultant Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

All at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, UK

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