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Cutaneous Biometrics
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Main description:

This handbook covers the essential subject areas of cutaneous biometrics, including acne, aging, genetics, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, rosacea, wound healing, and more. Erythema of rosacea and the risk of skin ulceration associated with oral nicorandil therapy are covered in detail. Various areas of acne are addressed, including acne severity grading, the assessment of general health and quality of life in patients with acne, and the effect of automated online counseling on clinical outcomes and quality of life among adolescents with acne vulgaris. Other topics include the development and validation of a clinical scale for the evaluation of forearm skin photoaging and a scoring system for mucosal disease severity. This is an ideal reference for biomedical engineering researchers and clinicians working in the field of dermatology interested in a deeper understanding of cutaneous biometrics and how it can be applied to their work.

This book also:

Broadens reader understanding of the importance of creating meaningful dermatological patient outcome measurements and the use of the physician global assessment in a clinical setting to measure and track patient outcomes

Details the guidelines on the measurement of ultraviolet radiation levels in ultraviolet phototherapy


PART 1 Atopic Conditions.- New Topical Therapeutic Models in Contact Dermatitis.- Validation and Assessment Tools in Atopic Dermatitis.- The Clinical Role of the Antecubital Severity Score for Atopic Dermatitis.- Atopic Dermatis: Clinical Use of the Eczema Area and Severity Scale.- Atopic Eczema: Recent Developments in Testing of New Clinical Cutcome Measures.- PART 2 Rosacea and Dermovascular Diseases.- Clinical Assessment of Rosacea Severity.- Clinical Profiles of Adult Onset Henoch-Schoniein Purpura.- The Use of Patient's Self-Assessment Grading Scale.- PART 3 Infections and Wound Healing.- Assessments in Ulcer and Wound Healing.- Development of Skin Ulcerations.- Assessment Scales for Scar formation.- Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infection Assessments.- PART 4 Blistering and Bullous Conditions.- Development of Dermoepidermal Adhesions.- Assessment Tools for Phemigus Vulgaris.- Treatment Options and Outcomes for Phemphigus Vulgaris.- Outcome Measures for Autoimmune Blistering Disease.- PART 5 Inflammatory Skin Disease.- The Reliability of Assessment Tools in Psoriasis.- Assessing Psoriasis Patients' Response to Treatment with Biologics.- Developments in Topical Treatments for Psoriasis.- Assessment Tools to Evaluate the Severity of Disease in Psoriasis.- Usefulness of Self Reporting Questionaires for Psoriasis.- PART 6 Acne.- Acne Severity Grading Used in a Clinical Setting.- Quality of Life Assessments for Patient's with Acne.- Novel methods to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life for adolescents with acne vulgaris.- PART 7 Oncology.- Clinical Skills Assessment for Melanoma.- Advancements in the diagnostic criteria for cutaneous anaplastic large cell lymphoma.- Total Body Photography for Skin Cancer Screening.- Nail Changes and Chemotherapy.- PART 8 Autoimmune Conditions.- Assessing Clinical Responsiveness to treatment for patients with dermatomyosositis.- Measuring Outcomes of Cutaneous Sarcoidosis.- Assessment Tools for Alopecia Areata.- Assessment Tools for Evaluating Treatment Response in Patients with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria.- Scoring and Disease Severity for Oral Lichen Planus.- Assessment Tools for Measurign the Impact of Disease in Vitiligo patients.- PART 9 Metrics, Statistics and Assessments.- Metrics and clinical relevance of percutaneous penetration and lateral spreading.- Using the physician global assessment in a clinical setting to measure and track patient outcomes.- The Importance of Creating Meaningful Patient Outcome Measures in Dermatology.- Number Needed to Treat as Derived by Ordinal Scalres.- Measurements of Transepidermal Water Loss.- The Influences Affecting Patient Discharge.- Validation of a simplified provacation instrument for diagnosis and threshold testing of symptomatic dermographism.- Consumer Quality Index Chronic Skin Disease (CQI-CSD): a new instrument to measure quality of care from the patient's perspective.- Pharmacometrics in Dermatology.- Guidelines on the measurement of ultraviolet radiation levels in ultraviolet phototherapy.- Study design in dermatology.- Development and Validation of a clinical scale for the evaluation of skin photoaging.- PART 10 Genetics.- Improving Cutaneous Oncology Outcomes With the Use of Genetics.- Novel Genetic Screening for Psoriasis Patients to Perdict Response to Biological Treatments.


ISBN-13: 9783319554754
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: July, 2020
Pages: 1090
Weight: 664g
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Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, Counselling & Therapy, Dermatology


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