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The Art of Gestalt Therapy
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The time is ripe, more than fifty years after the publication of the magnum opus by Perls, Hefferline & Goodman, to publish a book on the topic of cre­ ativity in Gestalt therapy. The idea for this book was conceived in March 2001, on the island of Sicily, at the very first European Conference of Gestalt Therapy Writers of the European Association [or Gestalt Therapy. Our start­ ing point was an article on art and creativity in Gestalt therapy, which was presented there by one of the editors, and illuminated by a vision, held by the other editor, of bringing together colleagues from around the world to contribute to a qualified volume on the subject of creativity within the realm of Gestalt therapy. We wanted to continue the professional discourse inter­ nationally and capture the synergetic effects of experienced colleagues' re­ flections on various aspects of our chosen subject. Moreover, we intended to explore how the theoretical reflection of one's practice can inspire effective interventions and, vice versa, how the discussion of practical experiences can shape new theoretical directions. Hence, our aim in this book is to create a forum on the concept of creativ­ ity in Gestalt therapy.


Comprehensive theoretical background for the concepts of art, creativity and aesthetics within the therapeutic relationship

Theoretical guidelines for the creative professional practice of gestalt therapy

Enables practitioners to tap into the rich resources of theory


Introduction (Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb and Nancy Amendt-Lyon) Part I: The Emergence of the Creative Field • Toward a Gestalt Therapeutic Concept for Promoting Creative Process (Nancy Amendt-Lyon) • On the Other Side of the Moon: The Import of Implicit Knowledge for Gestalt Therapy (Daniel N. Stern and the Boston Change Process Study Group) • Therapeutic Meeting as Improvisational Co-Creation (Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb) • Creative Abilities and the Art of Living Well (Malcolm Parlett) • 'Tiger! Tiger! Burning Bright” – Aesthetic Values as Clinical Values in Gestalt Therapy (Daniel J. Bloom) • The Neuroscience of Creativity: A Gestalt Perspective (Todd Burley) Part II: The Challenge of Defining Creative Concepts • Therapy as an Aesthetic Issue: Creativity, Dreams, and Art in Gestalt Therapy (Antonio Sichera) • Creativity as Gestalt Therapy (Richard Kitzler) • The Weighty World of Nothingness: Salomo Friedlaender’s 'Creative Indifference” (Ludwig Frambach) • The Influence of Otto Rank’s Concept of Creative Will on Gestalt Therapy (Bertram Müller) • Beauty and Creativity in Human Relationships (Joseph C. Zinker) • The Aesthetics of Commitment: What Gestalt Therapists Can Learn from Cézanne and Miles Davis (Michael Vincent Miller) • Contact and Creativity: The Gestalt Cycle in Context (Gordon Wheeler) Part III. Connecting Theory and Practice: Case Examples • Embodying Creativity, Developing Experience: The Therapy Process and Its Developmental Foundation (Ruella Frank) • One Therapy Session: Dialogue and Co-Creation in Child Therapy (Sandra Cardoso-Zinker) • Memorable Moments in the Therapeutic Relationship (Nancy Amendt-Lyon) Part IV: A Taste of the Field in Practice • Creativity in Long-Term Intimate Relationships (Joseph Melnick and Sonia March Nevis) • Creativity in Family Therapy (Ed and Barbara Lynch) • Creative Processes in Gestalt Group Therapy (Carl Hodges) •Creative Adjustment in Madness: A Gestalt Therapy Model for Seriously Disturbed Patients (Margherita Spagnuolo Lobb) • The Psychoportrait: A Technique for Working Creatively in Psychiatric Institutions (Giuseppe Sampognaro) • Blocks to Creativity in Organizations (Edwin C. Nevis) Biographical Notes Subject Index


ISBN-13: 9783709173022
Publisher: Springer (Springer Vienna)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 336
Weight: 516g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Public Health


Average Rating 

"... Es gab bereits vor diesem Buch viele Beiträge von verschiedenen GestalttherapeutInnen zum Thema Kreativität (siehe dazu auch eine Übersicht von N. Amendt-Lyon: Kunst und Kreativität in der Gestalttherapie in: Handbuch der Gestalttherapie), allerdings kein Forum, wo der Prozess der Theoriebildung und Konzeptualisierung Raum erhält, um Anstoß zu Reflexion des bisherigen Status und einer weiterführenden Diskussion zu sein ... Die praxisnahmen Beiträge veranschaulichen therapeutische Momente in Bezug zum theoretischen Hintergrund und geben Einblick in das weite Spektrum der Praxis. Diese verfolgen therapeutische Prozesse im Einzelsetting Erwachsener und Kinder wie auch gruppentherapeutischer Möglichkeiten ... liegt hier ein Buch vor, das die Mühe des Durcharbeitens vielfach lohnt ..." Psychologische Medizin Nr. 3/2005