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Cardiac Pacing and Device Therapy
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Main description:

Cardiac Pacing: An Illustrated Introduction will provide an introduction to all those who have or who are developing an interest in cardiac pacing. At a time in the UK when pacing is being devolved from specialist tertiary cardiac centres to smaller district general hospitals and in the USA where pacemaker implantation is no longer the responsibility of the surgeon and in the domain of cardiologists, there is a need for a text which offers a guide to pacing issues to be used alongside a comprehensive practical training programme in an experienced pacing centre


Practical guide designed to compliment a comprehensive practical training programme

Generously illustrated to ease understanding

Diagrams will be used in order to simplify the teaching of technique and Tables are incorporated as useful aide-memoirs

Back cover:

Cardiac pacing is one of the best examples where the developments in technology and the microchip industry have resulted in outstanding clinical benefits to patients, and it is likely that further innovation and miniaturization will continue to make this specialty a stimulating and exciting one. As pacing is being devolved from specialist to smaller cardiology centers and where pacemaker implantation is becoming the domain of cardiologists rather than surgeons, there is a need for practical clinical guidance to pacing issues that can be used alongside a comprehensive practical training program in an experienced pacing centre.

Cardiac Pacing and Device Therapy is a practical reference for all those involved in the day-to-day care of paced patients and particularly for those cardiologists planning a career in this most interesting and exciting specialty, the so-called “device specialist”. The text and images will give the reader a greater understanding of the type of technology and equipment that is currently available from the cardiac device industry. The book contains practical information on temporary and epicardial pacing, elective generator change, explant procedures, pacing in children, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, cardiac resynchronization therapy, troubleshooting in pacing and training guidelines/regulations for those intending to make a career in pacing/device implantation. As such, this book provides an superb illustrated introduction to those with an interest in cardiac pacing and device therapy, from trainees and clinical fellows through to consultant cardiologists involved in a pacemaker program, cardiac physiologists and other allied medical professionals.


Indications for Pacing.-Temporary Pacing.-Permanent Pacemaker Types.-Implantation Technique.-Predischarge Pacemaker Checks.-Biventricular Pacing.-AICD Implantation.-Complications.-Elective Generator Change.-Explant/Implant Procedures.-Epicardial Pacemaker Implantation.-Out-Patient Follow-Up/Troubleshooting.


ISBN-13: 9781447129387
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 606
Availability: Available
Subcategories: Cardiothoracic, Cardiovascular Medicine, Diseases and Disorders


David R. Ramsdale and Archana Rao of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital


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