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Bone Metastases
Medical, Surgical and Radiological Treatment
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This book will be an introduction to bone metastases for orthopaedic surgeons. It covers the basic principles of surgery in bone cancer; radiographic imaging of skeletal metastases; classification; medical treatment; radiotherapy; surgical treatment, incidence and pain relief.
Steady progress in diagnosis and treatment of bone cancer in the last decade has dramatically changed the prognosis of cancer patients, significantly improving their overall survival rate and quality of life.
Some haematologic malignancies that involve bone may be cured with systemic chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but for most patients with bone metastases, pain relief is the goal of therapy.
Bone Metastases - Medical, Surgical and Radiological Treatment is written by a multidisciplinary team of experts to provide comprehensive coverage of metastatic bone disease.
Dominique G. Poitout is Professor of Surgery and Head of Orthopaedic Department at North Hospital, Marseille, France


- Introductory text to bone metastases for orthopaedic surgeons - International experts have written chapters on specific aspects on diagnosis and treatment of bone metastases - Describes multidisciplinary treatments that combine surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy


1 Histology and Experimental Study.- 1 Pathology of Bone Metastatic Tumours.- 1.1 Techniques and Choice of Bone Sample.- 1.2 Macroscopic Study.- 1.3 Histological Study.- 1.4 Mechanisms of Development of Bone Metastasis.- 1.5 Summary.- 2 Identification.- 2 Radiographic Imaging of Skeletal Metastases.- 2.1 Mechanisms of Bone Involvement.- 2.2 Osseous Response to Metastases.- 2.3 Radiographic Imaging.- 2.4 Role of the Radiographic Examination in the Evaluation of Skeletal Metastases.- 2.5 Summary.- 3 Medical Treatment.- 3 Chemotherapy.- 3.1 Problems of Response Assessment in Skeletal Metastases.- 3.2 Breast Cancer.- 3.3 Lung Cancer.- 3.4 Prostate Cancer.- 3.5 Renal Cell Carcinoma.- 3.6 Summary.- 4 Immunotherapy.- 4.1 Active Non-specific Immunotherapy.- 4.2 Active Specific Immunotherapy.- 4.3 Passive Immunotherapy.- 4.4 Interferons.- 4.5 Interleukin-2.- 4.6 Conclusion.- 5 Biphosphonates.- 5.1 Mechanism of Action.- 5.2 Bone Pain.- 5.3 Osteolytic Process.- 5.4 Prevention of Complications of Bone Metastases in Patients with Breast Cancer.- 5.5 Prevention of Bone Metastases Development in Patients with Breast Cancer.- 5.6 Summary.- 6 Hormonal Therapy.- 6.1 Introduction.- 6.2 Breast Cancer.- 6.3 Prostate Cancer.- 6.4 Endometrial Cancer.- 7 Cement-Containing Antimitotics.- 7.1 Study of the Release of Methotrexate.- 7.2 Study of the Release of Cisplatin.- 7.3 Diffusion Mechanism of Antimitotics.- 7.4 Clinical Experience.- 7.5 Conclusion.- 4 Radiotherapy.- 8 Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Bone Metastases.- 8.1 Introduction.- 8.2 External Radiotherapy.- 8.3 Systemic Radiotherapy.- 8.4 Summary.- 9 Radiosurgical Treatment of Bone Metastasis of the Limbs.- 9.1 Introduction.- 9.2 Patients.- 9.3 Methods.- 9.4 Results.- 9.5 Discussion.- 9.6 Conclusion.- 5 Surgical Treatment.- 10 Surgery for Bone Metastasis of the Limbs.- 10.1 Introduction.- 10.2 Clinical Bases.- 10.3 Principles of Palliative Surgery for Bone Metastasis.- 10.4 Methods.- 10.5 Discussion.- 10.6 Conclusion.- 11 Surgical Treatment of Vertebral Metastases.- 11.1 Therapeutic Decision.- 11.2 Surgical Techniques.- 11.3 Results.- 11.4 Conclusion.- 12 Treatment of Secondary Spinal Tumours.- 12.1 Introduction.- 12.2 Consideration of the Primary Tumour.- 12.3 Surgery.- 12.4 Vertebroplasty.- 12.5 Conclusion.- 6 Medico-social Aspects.- 13 Caring for Cancer Patients.- 13.1 Introduction.- 13.2 Life, Birth and Death.- 13.3 Tridimensional Reality of Human Beings.- 13.4 What is Suffering?.- 13.5 Caring for Suffering People.- 13.6 Conclusion.- 7 Pain Relief.- 14 Therapeutic Approaches to Bone Cancer Pain.- 14.1 Introduction.- 14.2 Bone Metastases and Pain.- 14.3 Management of Bone Pain.- 14.4 Conclusion.- Conclusion.


ISBN-13: 9781447132530
Publisher: Springer (Springer London)
Publication date: November, 2012
Pages: 162
Weight: 302g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: General, Oncology, Orthopaedics and Fractures


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