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Atlas Effectors of Anti-Tumor Immunity
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Main description:

The “Atlas Effectors of Anti-Tumor Immunity” is a unique scientific publication, which includes major issues of up-to-date information about immunophenotype, morphology and function of main effectors of anti-tumor immunity presented in a reasonable format. The Atlas comprises a large number of illustrations presented by schemes and original micrographs demonstrating morphological features and ultrastructure of immunocompetent cells at various stages of differentiation. The volume includes data referring to the history of anti-tumor immunity effectors research, state of the art and perspectives for development of anti-cancer adoptive immunotherapy methods.

A special section of the Atlas describes cellular tumor microenvironment and micro-anatomy of carcinomas. Several parts include data about killer cells (natural killer T-cells, lymphokine-activated killers) and T-regulatory lymphocytes. A special chapter gives a wide-range description of antigen-presenting dendritic cells, methods of dendritic cell generation and development of DC-based vaccines for anti-tumor immunotherapy.

Co-authors of this book are expert scientists of major research centers of the USA and Europe, Atlas contents involves literature data analysis and results of long-term experimental and clinical studies. Atlas may be recommended as an additional study guide for medical and biology students and it may be interesting to experimental and clinical oncologists, immunologists, specialists of research and diagnostic centers.


Presents description of specific morphological, immunophenotype functional features of immunocompetent cells and their role in anti-tumor defense

Includes original color pictures (photographs of cells and immunological reactions) as well as electronic micrographs that improve perception of the material by the illustrative presentation

A concise guideline on anti-tumor immunity and it will be much helpful to students of medical and biological faculties, clinical oncologists and immunologists, as well as to other specialists in various medical and biological areas


Adoptive immunotherapy for human cancers: Flagmen signal first “open road” then “roadblocks.” A narrative synopsis.- Tumor microenvironment genesis and implications on cancer immune response.- Natural killer cells. Lymphokine-activated killers.- CD4+/CD25+ T-regulatory cells.- CD8+ CD57+ T cells in tumor immunology.- Natural killer T (NKT) cells: Immunophenotype, functional characteristics and significance in clinical practice.- LAK immunotherapy in clinical studies.- Major properties of dendritic cells and their actual and potential applications in cancer therapy and infectious disease prophylaxis.


ISBN-13: 9781402069307
Publisher: Springer (Springer Netherlands)
Publication date: April, 2008
Pages: 272
Weight: 656g
Availability: POD
Subcategories: General Issues, Immunology, Oncology
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