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Placental-Fetal Growth Restriction
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Main description:

Master the effective evaluation, analysis and management of placental-fetal growth restriction [PFGR], reducing the risk of perinatal mortality and morbidity in patients worldwide. Extensively researched by international experts, this manual provides practitioners with a detailed, hands-on approach to the practical 'pearls' for direct patient management. This authoritative volume advises on matters such as the correct evaluation and management of high-risk patients in danger of PFGR through to delivery. Extensive and wide-ranging, this book is an invaluable companion to the developing research interest and clinical applications in PFGR, including developmental outcomes in early childhood. Featuring a critical evaluation of a variety of abnormal conditions, such as fetal hypoxia, which are clearly displayed through extensive illustrations. This essential toolkit ensures that practitioners of all levels can effectively limit the risk of mortality and morbidity, and reach the correct diagnosis, first-time.


Section 1. Basic principles: 1. What is optimal fetal growth? Blanka Vasak & Gerard H. A. Visser; 2. Definition of fetal growth restriction and uteroplacental insufficiency Wessel Ganzevoort & Basky Thilaganathan; 3. Differential diagnosis of fetal growth restriction S Usman, A Lawin-O'Brien & Christoph Lees; 4. Fetal growth restriction and hypertensive diseases of pregnancy Christopher WG Redman & Anne Cathrine Staff; 5. ART and Fetal Growth Christoph Brezinka & Shirin Khanjani; 6. Fetal growth restriction – study design and outcomes; Hans Wolf & Wessel Ganzevoort; 7. Analysis of national and international guidelines on placental-fetal growth restriction Gemma Malin, Lesley McCowan, K.E. Boers & Jim G Thornton; Section 2. Maternal cardiovascular characteristics and the placenta: 8. Maternal cardiovascular function and fetal growth restriction Rosemary Townsend & Asma Khalil; 9. Placental histopathology findings in fetal growth restriction Neil Sebire & William Mifsud; 10. Maternal volume homeostasis in fetal growth restriction Johannes J. Duvekot; Section 3. Screening for PFGR: 11. First trimester combined screening algorithms for fetal growth restriction Rosemary Townsend & Asma Khalil; 12. Second trimester and late pregnancy screening for fetal growth restriction Raffaele Napolitano & Pasquale Martinelli; Section 4. Prophylaxis and treatment: 13. Prophylaxis for fetal growth restriction: aspirin and low molecular weight heparins Federico Prefumo & Tiziana Frusca; 14. Prophylaxis for fetal growth restriction: nitric oxide donors & sildenafil Dietmar Schlembach; 15. Prevention and Treatment of Fetal Growth Restriction by influencing Maternal Hemodynamics and Blood Volume Herbert Valensise, Barbara Vasopollo & Gian Paolo Novelli; 16. Gene therapy in fetal growth restriction Rebecca N. Spencer, David J. Carr & Anna L. David; Section 5. Characteristics of fetal growth restriction: 17. Blood Flow Volume in Umbilical Vein in Fetal Growth Restriction Enrico Ferrazzi, Daniela Di Martino & Tamara Stampalija; 18. Fetal cardiac function in fetal growth restriction Fatima Crispi & Eduard Gratacos; 19. Heart rate changes and autonomic nervous system in fetal growth restriction SM Lobmaier, KTM Schneider & GHA Visser; 20. The fetal arterial and venous circulation in IUGR; Kurt Hecher & Werner Diehl; 21 Hematological and biochemical findings in fetal growth restriction and the relationship to hypoxia Irene Cetin & Chiara Mandò; Section 6. Management of fetal growth restriction: 22. Management of early-onset fetal growth restriction [less than 34 weeks] Tullia Todros & Giovanna Oggé; 23. Late-Onset Intrauterine Growth Restriction Katia Bilardo & Francesc Figueras; 24. Severe IUGR: pregnancy management at the limits of viability Aris T Papageorghiou & J W Ganzevoort; 25. Fetal growth restriction in twin pregnancies Isabel Couck, Kurt Hecher & Liesbeth Lewi; Section 7. Postnatal aspects of fetal growth restriction: 26. Fetal growth restriction and neonatal outcomes RS Gandhi & N Marlow; 27. Fetal growth restriction and later disease in the mother and the offspring Birgit Arabin & Petra Arck; 28. Fetal growth restriction: recurrence risks and counseling Jan Derks & Steven Koenen.


ISBN-13: 9781107101395
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: January, 2018
Pages: 294
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Obstetrics and Gynaecology


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