Medical Congress Centre in Vienna, Austria

24th United European Gastroenterology Week, Austria Centre, Vienna

The 24th United European Gastroenterology Week took place at the Austria Centre Vienna from the 15th to 19th of October 2016. Although UEGW is a Medical Congress firmly based in Europe, an ever-increasing number of participants from countries around the world were attending. This year 114 different countries were represented and in the region of 14,000 delegates attended the conference at the Austria Centre in Vienna. Continue reading

Ever Wondered How People Were Medically Treated in the Middle Ages?

No-one really knew what caused diseases in the Middle Ages. The Roman Catholic Church would describe that people contracting diseases was a punishment from God for sinful behaviour and most would accept this. Although this was the case, there was some progress that was made in certain medical areas. For example, researching and understanding the Human Body (to an extent). Continue reading

18th Century Medical History Facts: Did You Know?

Here’s a few historical facts that you may not have known and may find very interesting, from the history of the world of Medicine:

Scurvy Cure

In 1747 James Lind, a Scottish naval surgeon, made the discovery that consuming citrus fruits prevented scurvy. James went onto publish his ‘Treatise of the Scurvy’ during 1754, which identified a cure for scurvy; a very common and life-threatening disease for sailors. Continue reading

Our Latest Medical Book Signing Event Experiences

Wisepress recently attended a couple of medical book conferences, where big book signings were taking place and very well-­known authors were present.

At the European Society of Cardiology congress, Dr Eugene Braunwald, a figure head in Cardiology and editor of the premier textbook Braunwald’s Heart Disease signed copies of the new 10th edition. An essential resource and go-­to text for all cardiologists. Continue reading

World Autism Awareness Day


This year’s World Autism Awareness Day is focussing on employment and before you say it; no this isn’t another attempt by ‘the man’ to capitalise on another vulnerable section of society. According to The National Autistic Society only 15% of autistic adults in the UK are in full time employment, woeful compared to the 31% of disabled people as a whole. Continue reading

National Doctors’ Day: A Long Ascent In To The Ether

Doctor Crawford Long

Today is National Doctors’ Day in the USA and marks the 173rd anniversary of Dr Crawford W Long first using ether as an anaesthetic. The brave friend of Dr Long, Mr James Venable, had a tumour removed from his neck and apparently the experience wasn’t traumatic enough to put him off having a similar procedure on June 6th 1842. Remarkable, I can barely muster the courage to visit the dentist. Continue reading