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Basic Techniques for Extremity Reconstruction
External Fixator Applications According to Ilizarov Principles
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Main description:

This book provides detailed descriptions of fundamental techniques that may be employed for extremity reconstruction and distraction osteogenesis in accordance with the principles established by Gavriil Abramovich Ilizarov. Techniques of proven value for deformity correction, limb lengthening, reconstruction of post-traumatic and post-osteomyelitis bone defects, non-union surgery, and fracture fixation with external fixators are thoroughly described step by step with the aid of a wealth of illustrative material. In addition, indications and preoperative planning are clearly explained. Throughout, care is taken to highlight important technical tips and tricks as well as clinical pearls and pitfalls. Since the first description of distraction osteogenesis by Ilizarov in the 1950s, numerous technical improvements have been made and new devices, developed, even though the basic principles have remained the same. This new book will be of value for both novice and more experienced surgeons who use distraction osteogenesis for the purpose of extremity reconstruction.


History.- The philosophy of Ilizarov.- Biological fundamentals of Ilizarov method.- Osteogenesis of distraction.- Components and purpose of Ilizarov system.- Biomechanical principals of Ilizarov external fixator application.- Frame setting techniques.- Types and emplacement of hinges.- Control of fragments.- Kirschner wire application techniques.- Corticotomy techniques.- Lengthening and treatment of limb lenght inequality.- Treatment of pseudoarthrosis by Ilizarov technique.- Treatment of soft tissue contractures by Ilizarov technique.- Ilizarov techniques on treatment of chronic osteomyelitis.- Complications and difficulties.- Introduction to planning of deformity.- Drawing the bone axis of lower extremity on frontal plane.- Mal-alignment test.- Bone deformities of lower extremity on frontal plane.- Drawing the bone axis of lower extremity on saggital plane.- The test of bad inclination.- Bone deformities of lower extremity on saggital plane.- Bone deformities of lower extremity on oblique plane.- Multiapical deformities.- Deformities of translation and angulation.- Rotational deformities.- Anatomical and mechnanical planning.- Types and rules of osteotomy.- Deformities of hip and femur.- Deformities of knee and tibia.- Deformities of foot and ankle.- Deformities of upper extremity.- Deformities caused by metabolical bone diseases.- Deformities caused by smooth tissue contracture over joints.- Fractures of humerus.- Fractures of radius and ulna.- Fractures of the wrist and the hand.- Fractures of pelvis.- Fractures of femur.- Fractures of tibia.- Fractures of the foot.


ISBN-13: 9783319456737
Publisher: Springer (Springer International Publishing AG)
Publication date: August, 2017
Pages: None
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Subcategories: Critical Care Medicine, Plastic/Reconstructive & Aesthetic, Surgical Techniques


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