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Toxicological Survey of African Medicinal Plants
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Toxicological Survey of African Medicinal Plants provides a detailed overview of toxicological studies relating to traditionally used medicinal plants in Africa, with special emphasis on the methodologies and tools used for data collection and interpretation. The book considers the physical parameters of these plants and their effect upon various areas of the body and human health, including chapters dedicated to genotoxicity, hepatotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, cardiotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and specific organs and systems. Following this discussion of the effects of medicinal plants is a critical review of the guidelines and methods in use for toxicological research as well as the state of toxicology studies in Africa. With up-to-date research provided by a team of experts, Toxicological Survey of African Medicinal Plants is an invaluable resource for researchers and students involved in pharmacology, toxicology, phytochemistry, medicine, pharmacognosy, and pharmaceutical biology.


Toxicological Societies in Africa: Roles and Impact in Policy Making and Living ConditionsEthical Issues for Animal use in Toxicological Research in AfricaCritical Review of the Guidelines and Methods in Toxicological Research in AfricaDiscordant Results in Plant Toxicity Studies in Africa: Attempt of StandardizationAcute and Subacute Toxicities of African Medicinal PlantsSubchronic and Chronic Toxicities of African Medicinal PlantsToxic Plants Used in African Traditional MedicineCytotoxicity of African Medicinal Plants Against Normal Animal and Human CellsGenotoxicity and Teratogenicity of African Medicinal PlantsMutagenicity and Carcinogenicity of African Medicinal PlantsHepatotoxicity and Hepatoprotective Effects of African Medicinal PlantsNephrotoxicity and Nephroprotective Potential of African Medicinal PlantsCardiotoxicity and Cardioprotective Effects of African Medicinal PlantsNeurotoxicity and Neuroprotective Effects of African Medicinal PlantsToxicity and Beneficial Effects of Some African Plants on the Reproductive SystemAfrican Plants with Dermatological and Ocular RelevanceToxicity and Protective Effects of African Medicinal Plants on the Spleen and LungSafe African Medicinal Plants for Clinical StudiesHarmful and Protective Effects of Terpenoids from African Medicinal PlantsHarmful and Protective Effects of Phenolic Compounds from African Medicinal PlantsHealth Effects of Alkaloids from African Medicinal PlantsPhysical, Hematological, and Histopathological Signs of Toxicity Induced by African Medicinal PlantsBiochemical Parameters in Toxicological Studies in Africa: Significance, Principle of Methods, Data Interpretation, and Use in Plant Screenings


ISBN-13: 9780128102886
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc)
Publication date: November, 2017
Pages: 744
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Subcategories: Pharmacology


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