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The Reality of Brain Injury
Am I Still Me?
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* Based on blog entries providing an authentic reflection of the lived experience at some of the key stages along the road to recovery. * Author has a medical background which provides an articulate and interesting perspective into the difficulties around providing and withdrawing intensive care therapy, focusing particularly on understanding the wishes of patients with regard to the treatment of critical injuries. * Provides a peer-level approach to helping readers understand and navigate their new lives, from pragmatic concerns about new daily difficulties, to loftier concerns about their new place in life * Provides much needed support for patients and family members adjusting to life after brain injury.



How I Acquired My Brain Injury: The Triathlon

How I Coped Dealing with Carers: Living Life with the Scarers

How I Started to Find Inspiration After My Brain Injury: The Pathetic Limping Tillyard Charity

How My Marriage Fell Apart After My Accident, And How I Came to Terms with It: Bricks in the Wall

How Hard Work Helped My Mental Recovery Process: Life v2.0

How I Learned to Live A Life of Compromise After Brain Injury: Life in Falifornia!

How Trauma Makes Us Reinvent Ourselves: Surviving Death by a Thousand Cuts

How I Proved That Almost Anything Is Possible After Brain Injury: Advantage Tillyard!

How to Go on Living A Life of Value After Trauma: It Takes a Village

How to Find True Love and Happiness After Brain Injury?: The Rule of Thirds

How I Learned to Keep Striving for Every Physical and Cognitive Improvement: A Lifetime Later

Afterword - A happy ending?

Poems by Andrew Tillyard



ISBN-13: 9781032155029
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: March, 2022
Pages: 136
Weight: 260g
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Subcategories: Nursing, Occupational Therapy


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