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The Adult is Parent to the Child
Transactional Analysis with Children and Young People

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Main description:

Transactional analysis (TA) is a well-established and evolving way of understanding what happens between and within people. This comprehensive, helpful volume: demonstrates in many settings the use of TA with children and young people; brings a contemporary view of TA to those who specialise in its use with them; and explains TA's possibilities to others whose work focuses on their lives, well-being, care and treatment of children and young people. The introduction presents fundamental TA concepts, allowing anyone who works with children and young people to see how TA can assist both their own work and work done in partnership with therapists. Opportunities are then provided to explore the role of TA in therapeutic practice in the contexts both of children's and young people's environments, and of evolving TA theory. Contributions from experienced TA practitioners - educators, psychotherapists, organisational consultants - provide the most comprehensive current account of the art and science of TA with children and young people.
It locates TA's therapeutic, educational and organisational work with them firmly on the maps of both current practice and training, for TA practitioners and all others who work with children and young people.


Introduction Keith Tudor.; Introduction to TA Graeme Summers and Keith Tudor.; There's no such thing as a child: children and young people in context.; Building the virtual village: working with the social environment Trudi Newton.; Working with children and parents Diane Hoyer & Laura Hyatt.; Context counts: working with young muslim men in a post 9/11 world Pete Shotton.; Child protection Mica Douglas and Keith Tudor.; Milieu therapy: the development of transactional analysis with the young people and staff of a social services establishment Anita Mountain.; Therapeutic practice with children and young people.; Transactional analysis psychotherapy with the individual child Keith Tudor.; The first meeting Dolores Munari Poda.; Attachment, separation and loss Kath Dentith & Jean Lancashire.; Working with adolescents Mark Widdowson.; Working therapeutically with children and parents Diane Hoyer & Laura Hyatt.; On becoming a child psychotherapist Mica Douglas.; Creative play therapy with children and young people Roger Day.; Theory and research: fields and developments.;...and they're OK Chris Davison.; The 12th fairy: narrative, script and TA Marie Naughton.; Permission, protection, and mentorship: their roles in psychological resilience and positive emotions Jim Allen.; Functional fluency Susannah Temple.; TA and child psychotherapy: a new methodology Maria Assunta Giusti.; The search for self: playing with theory Paul Kellett.; Appendices.; TA books on working with children: an annotated bibliography Keith Tudor.; TA articles on working with children: an annotated bibliography Roger Day and Keith Tudor.; Positive parenting strategy and guidance notes Diane Hoyer.; TA assessment sheets Anita Mountain.; UKCP documents:; 1.Psychotherapy with children: principles, aims, guidelines for training.; 2.Ethics.; 3.The humanistic and integrative section's requirements for humanistic/Integrative child psychotherapy training.


ISBN-13: 9781905541171
Publisher: Russell House Publishing Ltd
Publication date: September, 2007
Pages: 320
Dimensions: 175.00 x 247.00 x 18.00
Weight: 522g
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Subcategories: Paediatrics and Neonatal, Psychotherapy


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