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Soft Tissue Sarcomas Hardback with Online Resource
A Pattern-Based Approach to Diagnosis
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Main description:

Soft tissue sarcomas represent a heterogeneous group of rare malignancies, widely regarded as one of the most diagnostically challenging. Drawing on their collective experience gleaned from over 30,000 cases, this book offer practical guidance from leading experts in soft tissue pathology. Exploring topics with clinical, immune-histochemical and molecular correlation, chapters are organised in a clear, morphological structure. This valuable resource includes diagnostic clues for practitioners of all levels to override the challenges and pitfalls in patient diagnosis. Featuring a range of high-quality illustrations, the focus is on sarcomas, lesions of intermediate malignancy, and benign tumours, whilst also providing support in emphasizing the differences between these and pseudosarcomas. Readers can gain confidence in minimizing diagnostic errors, with this pattern-based, wide-ranging approach. This book includes entry to an online version on Cambridge Core, which can be accessed via the code printed on the inside of the cover.


1. Introduction Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 2. Imaging of tumors and pseudotumours of soft tissues Valerie Bousson, Jean-Denis Laredo and Daniel Vanel; 3. Principles of local and systemic treatment of soft tissue sarcomas Alessandro Gronchi and Paolo G. Casali; 4. Soft tissue sarcomas with spindle cell morphology Marta Sbaraglia and Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 5. Soft tissue sarcomas with epithelioid morphology Marta Sbaraglia and Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 6. Round cell sarcomas Alberto Righi, Marco Gambarotti and Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 7. Pleomorphic sarcomas Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 8. Myxoid sarcomas Marta Sbaraglia and Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 9. Intermediate malignant and malignant tumors of soft tissue featuring an inflammatory background Angelo Paolo Dei Tos; 10. Intermediate malignant and malignant tumors of soft tissue resembling normal tissue Angelo Paolo Dei Tos.


ISBN-13: 9781107040809
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: November, 2018
Pages: 740
Weight: 571g
Availability: Not yet available
Subcategories: Pathology


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