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Quantitative Systems Pharmacology: Volume 42
Models and Model-Based Systems with Applications
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Main description:

The pharma community is progressively acknowledging that a quantitative and systematic approach to drug administration, release, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics is highly recommended to understand the mechanisms and effects of drugs. Quantitative Systems Pharmacology: Models and Model-Based Systems with Applications describes and models at different scales the following topics: methods for diagnosis; administration and release of therapeutics; distribution metabolism and excretion of drugs; compartmental pharmacokinetics; physiologically-based pharmacokinetics; pharmacodynamics; identifiability of models; numerical methods for models identification; design of experiments; in vitro and in vivo models; allometric equations for scale-up from animals to humans; drug transport phenomena and methods; nanoparticles contribution; tumor PK and PD; system based approach to drug treatments; model-based individualization of treatments; model predictive control of surgeries and treatments. The book addresses the above questions with a quantitative approach to problem solving typical of engineers. The targeted contribution of a few medical doctors, pharmacists, biologists, and chemists enlarges the descriptive horizon and allows gathering the key elements necessary to model a so complex machine as the human body from a number of perspectives and multiple scales.


1. Introduction to Quantitative Systems Pharmacology 2. Fundamentals of quantitative pharmacology 3. Multiscale modelling, from cells to membranes, tissues, organs, and systems/body 4. Pharma vectors and drug delivery systems 5. Drug release mechanisms 6. Anatomy of mammals and specifically of humans 7. Physiology of mammals and specifically of humans 8. Role of gender, race, age, body mass/surface, genetics, diseases on organs/tissues efficiency 9. Scalability among mammals: mice, rats, cats, dogs, horses, monkeys, humans 10. Administration, distribution, metabolism, and excretion mechanisms 11. In silico, in vitro, and in vivo models/data 12. Pharmacokinetic models (compartmental and physiologically based) for different drugs and administration pathways 13. Pharmacodynamic models 14. Multiscale models of PK and PD (from cells to whole body) 15. Allometric formula for interspecies adaptation of PK/PD models 16. Personalization of treatments 17. Monitoring and control of drug administration with applied case studies 18. Design of experiments, model identification and identifiability of models 19. Applications to drug individualized treatments and surgical operations 20. Methods and models for diagnosis of diseases 21. Challenges to develop model-based systems


ISBN-13: 9780444639646
Publisher: Elsevier (Elsevier Science Ltd)
Publication date: March, 2018
Pages: 612
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Subcategories: Pharmacology


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