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Online Supervision
A Handbook for Practitioners
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Main description:

As online therapy becomes more mainstream, the importance of using a means of supervision which parallels this is increasingly being recognised by practitioners and the professional bodies. Very little has been written about this newly developing way of working, so this book is timely. Online Supervision: A Handbook for Practitioners covers a wide range of issues, from the practical aspects of how supervision happens, through research, legal and ethical issues to specific therapeutic settings and issues. Existing models of supervision are considered in the context of the online setting and new models which have been developed specifically for supervising online are explored.

All chapters are authored by experienced online therapists and supervisors, who bring their considerable knowledge from their practice to illuminate this growing area of the profession. In many chapters, anonymised case examples illustrate the text, alongside reflective activities which readers can choose to undertake.

While the book aims to develop the practice of online supervision of online therapists, it is recognised that there are circumstances which mean that some practitioners may choose to engage in online supervision of their face-to-face work. This is recognised and guidelines for offering and engaging in online supervision are discussed. Many practitioners begin to offer online supervision without specialised training and the final chapter centres on a discussion about the value and necessity of undertaking preparation for working in a new medium.

Online Supervision: A Handbook for Practitioners will be highly readable and accessible to both experienced practitioners and newcomers to this field.


Introduction (ANNE STOKES) PART I: Online supervision in practice 1 A brief overview of online supervision (ANNE STOKES) 2 Learning from the past and looking to the future: research on online supervision (CHRIS O'MAHONY) 3 Meandering through models: can face-to-face supervision models be used for online supervision? (ANNE STOKES) 4 New models of online supervision - (1) CLEAR (MARIA O'BRIEN) 5 New models of online supervision - (2) Breaking news! Face-to-face supervision and online supervision are not the same!! (SUZIE MOSSON) 6 New models of online supervision - (3) CARER (LIANE COLLINS) 7 Evaluating online supervision relationship and process (SUZIE MOSSON) 8 Reflective practice in online supervision (GILL JONES) 9 Let's play: the improvisation of possibility in online supervision (SALLY EVANS) PART II: Issues in online supervision 10 Legal and ethical issues in online supervision (KIRSTIE ADAMSON) 11 Online supervision and managing risk in an international context (LALAGE HARRIES) 12 Supervision guidelines: online supervision and supervision online - what's the difference? (PHILIPPA WEITZ) PART III: Specific contexts in online supervision 13 Online supervision and disability (BABS MCDONALD) 14 Using creativity in online supervision and chronic illness (OLIVIA DJOUADI) 15 The autistic spectrum: its potential impact on online supervision (LIANE COLLINS) 16 Supervising online: couples counselling (STEPHANIE PALIN) 17 Supervising online counsellors of young people (JAN STIFF) 18 Online Supervision in a university setting (KIRSTIE ADAMSON) PART IV: Training and trends 19 The last words - training online supervisors and the future (ANNE STOKES) Glossary Index


ISBN-13: 9781782204794
Publisher: Karnac Books
Publication date: February, 2018
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Subcategories: General Issues, Psychotherapy


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