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Nanostructures for the Engineering of Cells, Tissues and Organs
From Design to Applications
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Main description:

Nanostructures for the Engineering of Cells, Tissues and Organs showcases recent advances in pharmaceutical nanotechnology, with particular emphasis on tissue engineering, organ and cell applications. The book provides an up-to-date overview of organ targeting and cell targeting using nanotechnology. In addition, tissue engineering applications, such as skin regeneration are also discussed. Written by a diverse range of international academics, this book is a valuable research resource for researchers working in the biomaterials, medical and pharmaceutical industries.


1. The Promise versus Reality of target-specific drug delivery2. Perspectives on Cell and Organ Drug Targeting3. Targeting mitochondria: the Excalibur or the Achilles' heel? 4. Skin Targeting Approaches for Nano Delivery of Anti aging Drugs5. Carbohydrate functionalised nanomaterials fortargeted cell imaging6. Microbubble enhanced brain targetting7. Brain Targeting of Payload Using Mild Magnetic Field: Site Specific Delivery8. State-of-the-Art Microfluidic Technologies to Engineer Cancer Tissue for Understanding its Biology and Drug Testing9. The Current Perspectives of Nanoparticles in Cellular and Organ Specific Drug Targeting in Biological System10. Silk based scaffold in biomedical engineering11. Polymer Based Silver and Magnesium ions co-doped Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications12. Stem Cell-Based Gene Approaches for Cardiac Repair13. Application of Novel Biomaterials for Guided Bone Regeneration: Current Applications and Future Perspectives14. Biophysical stimulation of bone tissue engineering and fracture healing processes15. Biodegradable material and its role for the advancement of Tissue Engineering16. Tissue Engineering Applications in Wound Healing17. Silk based matrices for tissue engineering applications18. Implantable drug delivery systems: An Overview19. Nano bionics and Nano engineered Prosthetics20. Nanobiodevices for electrochemical biosensing of pharmaceuticals


ISBN-13: 9780128136652
Publisher: William Andrew Publishing
Publication date: February, 2018
Pages: 700
Weight: 571g
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Subcategories: Biomedical Engineering, Pharmacology


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